The Top 10 Bridal Dresses you want your hands on!

By on June 14, 2019

You know what time is it? Time to swoon over some trendy wedding dresses and time to prep for the most important thing about your wedding; your bridal dress! Yes, we have got a beautiful collection of bridal dresses that can help you decide your bridal dress soon.

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  1. Brocade Lehenga- A kind of lehenga in which the fabric is richly woven in a very decorative manner. It was initiated by China, but now it is a major part of the Indian fabric industry. It can make simple lehengas look elegant. Usually, a golden or a silver thread is woven on a bright fabric.
  1. White Lehenga-Well, if you think the color red dominates the bridal dresses then you are absolutely wrong. Our lovely brides are breaking the stereotypes! The white color provides a gleam to the bride’s personality. You can now find girls rocking a white lehenga with golden, silver, grey or beige embroidery.
  1. A Velvet Lehenga-The smooth and glaze finish of the fabric velvet was initiated in Kashmir. Velvet lehengas were always the first choice of the royalties for a wedding. Not to forget how warm the fabric can keep you in winters and how beautiful it looks with the embroidery of golden and silver color. Red velvet lehenga can be the best choice for the brides any day.
  1. Butti Lehenga- Butti is a kind of embroidery that is done on a colored fabric in a sequence. Butti lehengas have gained the attention of a lot of big designers. They are used to add a simple yet appealing charm to the lehenga. They are usually backed with heavy blouses.
  1. Pastel Lehenga- The delicate nature of the pastel color gives an appeal of a glaze on the body of a bride. The beautiful color adds a soothing and calm aura to the bride’s persona, which is difficult to miss! The pastel lehengas are usually worn with white; this combination highlights the pastel color.
  1. Banarasi Lehenga-As the name suggests the Banarasi fabric is a type of fabric originated in Banaras. It consists of intricate designs and zari embroidery. This makes it a popular choice of clothing for a festival and special occasions. Currently, a lot of designers are experimenting with this fabric. The style of fabric adds a classic yet exquisite side to the lehenga.
  1. Monochrome Lehenga-This is a type of lehenga which consists of a single color. A lot of time black and white lehengas are also considered monochrome. Monochrome lehengas were a hit in the 2000s but it’s now returning after the celebrities picked the trend all over again.
  1. Cape Lehenga-Also considered as jacket lehenga, this type of lehenga has a long jacket which is usually worn over the blouse. All the poncho style jackets, cape jackets, and the anarkali style jackets are worn over the blouses. This style can be worn in winter. The extra layers will also help you to disguise the extra curves you want to hide!
  1. Tilla Embroidery Lehenga-Want to add an authentic side to your Lehenga? If yes, then tilla embroidery can be the correct choice. Coming from a royal and elite background, this embroidery was originated in Kashmir. This fabric is essentially embroidered with gold and silver, making it the first choice for special occasions for people. This lehenga can make you look like a royal walking down that aisle you have always dreamed of!
  1. Chicken Embroidery Lehenga-The traditional embroidery of Lucknow is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the brides. This light lehenga can save you from the heat waves, so do not fetter from rocking it ladies! The simplicity of the embroidery with heavy jewelry is a total win. The white flowers on your pastel lehenga can draw the attention of all the aunties in the house.

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