Check These Things Before Booking A Wedding Venue

By on February 4, 2022

Choosing a venue for the wedding is a daunting task when you want to plan your special day in a certain way. It is a significant decision to make as anything going wrong will impact your day adversely. Hence, it is crucial to start looking for a venue once you finalise your wedding date. It is only possible to find the best option if you know what exactly you need to look for on a site.

You will get flooded with plethoras of choices as you begin your search. Every place would claim to provide the best arrangements at a better price. However, to find the best wedding venues in Essex, you need to do thorough research, considering the essential factors. Moreover, you have to be patient enough to explore multiple options and choose the place that stands tall on all your expectations.

Listed below are some things every wedding venue should have in order to turn your day memorable.

Logistic Arrangements

One of the crucial factors to check is the logistic details. Ensure that the place is easily accessible so that your guests can reach the venue conveniently. Moreover, you should also check the parking arrangement, and choose the site with ample space for the car park. Not checking these details can land you in last-minute chaos.

Decoration Options

Decorations are the heart of every event. Thus, you should check with the venue manager about all possible decoration options. You can also ask if you can bring your own decorators and turn the space the way you want.

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Space Availability

It is vital to have a list of guests with you before looking for a venue, as you would have to choose the apt space. It should be enough to accommodate all your guests and leave an area for people to roam around. Check the different areas, indoor and outdoor, and choose the apt space for the event.

Food and Drinks

Another thing that you should check before final booking is the food and drink arrangement. Ask the manager at all the wedding venues in Essex to conduct a food tasting session. It will give you an opportunity to check the food quality, and you can ask for necessary changes. Additionally, finalise the menu before, and leave no job for the last minute.

Stay and Accommodation

If you are planning a country wedding, you need accommodation for your guests. Check the available rooms and the amenities carefully before final booking to ensure that your guests get the utmost comfort.

Other than this, it is vital to discuss pricing before final booking. Ask the venue manager about the total package price and its inclusions. Make sure there is no hidden cost involved, leaving no surprises for the future. Put in all your effort in deciding the place and turn your special day into a memorable and joyous event.

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