Top useful tips on how to move to Australia?

By on August 10, 2018

So now you are moving to Australia to embark on a new beginning of your life. It is a good thing and surely Australia is a great country to be in. But there are a few tips that you must bear in mind if you want to have a trouble-free and comfortable travel to your country of dreams. All these tips mentioned below are from those people who have already made their move to this gorgeous country.

  1. Have all your critical documents in the travel file, such as birth and marriage documents, home loan and bank statements, driver’s permit if you have any and any license or medical policy documents that you have. You can get the best Australia visit visa services if you already have these documents in place in the initial stages as well.
  2. It is helpful to have attested duplicates of your documents related to identification and in addition to the electronic duplicates, as you may need to email these on the off chance that you have to get an agreement of tenancy.

  1. Have all your medical, dental and optical records and additionally a duplicate of any prescriptions. On the off chance that you have kids, ensure you get a duplicate of their immunization records as you might need them in Australia.
  2. On the off chance that you are prescribed to take medicines, ensure you have enough to last until the point you locate another doctor in Australia.
  3. Bring duplicates of the school reports of your kids and your resume, which should be inclusive of your work references and capabilities. Have a scanned copy saved to a USB or a memory stick to lessen the amount of print work you are carrying along with you while travelling.
  4. Close all of your utility records, for example, electricity, gas, telephone, broadband and web. Ensure you have also provided them with an address where they can share their last statements.
  5. Before taking an Australia visitor visa service also check if you must close all your bank accounts. You may get an expense free or low charge account open for banking if need be.
  6. Drop your insurances as well where applicable such as house, and car. Additionally check your life security and medical if it is considered legitimate abroad.
  7. Carry all your pension or superannuation benefits documents and ensure you have the statements which are updated and indicate correct balances. Also try to figure out whether these can be transferred to Australia.
  8. If need be, divert your mails and ensure instructing your contacts regarding your new mailing address.
  9. Contact your Accounting person to acquire any tax related advice that you may require and also let them know of your expecting migration and new address where they can reach out to you if need arises.
  10. Instruct your lawyer regarding your move to Australia and give them your new contact points. This may likewise be a decent time to guarantee your will is created fresh or updated.
  11. In case you are planning to lease an accommodation in Australia, it’s a smart thought to acquire a reference letter. On the off chance that you have leased an accommodation earlier, get a letter from the property owner of the previous property.

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