Tips to find university of adelaide housing easily for students

By on April 17, 2022

Finding exceptional university housing is a crucial part of moving for international students. However, it is great news for students in Adelaide because the city has many options. One would need to plan diligently to find the best option within their budget. So, on the journey of finding the best university of adelaide housing, one would need to find the answers to these questions.

Important questions

  1. Allocating a budget
  2. Location (if one is fine with travelling)
  3. If they are fine with sharing their space with others
  4. If they would feel comfortable living with a family
  5. How can they network with more people?

As per the answer, one can pick from the following options.

  1. Homestay

This option means one would need to rent a room in the house of any local family. Most colleges have a list of approved houses for homestay. They are happy to welcome students into their homes and lives. These families look after the basic needs of the students living in their homes and make them feel comfortable. It is an ideal option for students who have been living in their family homes and moving out for the first time.

  1. Urbanest

It is like an all-purpose student housing complex in North Terrace in Adelaide. One would need to decide if they would be comfortable sharing their room with someone else. Further, the prices of the rooms also differ between a single room and sharing arrangement. The Urbanest facility has plenty of rooms under all categories.

It has plenty of facilities like an in-house gym, playrooms, restaurants nearby, and more. Weekly rent includes electricity, water, internet, and other necessities. A plethora of events in the facility is like a cherry on top.

  1. University village

It is a facility similar to Urbanest. It is a student complex facility in Adelaide CBD. It is located 5 minutes away from the University of Adelaide. Rooms of all sizes and those fitting in all budgets. One can pick a single room or a shared room as per their comfort and budget. This facility has outdoor and indoor facilities for socializing and cooking.

  1. Student Accommodations

Apart from the complexes, students also stay in student accommodations like apartments. Several stylish properties have many facilities like a gym, game rooms, swimming pools, and more. However, many of these buildings are expensive. So, one can try sharing an apartment with friends to bring down the cost per person.

So, this university of adelaide housing options enables students to find their new abodes outside the campus.

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