Things to Know When Booking a Hotel in Moxy Miami South Beach

By on June 14, 2022

Miami is a city that never truly sleeps, and when you’re determined to see all it has to offer, there are various places to visit. When you’re planning your stay here, you can’t forget about having an excellent place to set your base of operations. Moxy Miami South Beach is a popular place for many tourists.

Before you book on, you should know what you can find when staying at the Moxy. Here are the features, amenities, and other quirks to know about this fabulous hotel:


Scenic Views and Elegant Rooms

The Moxy Miami is a contemporary building, and as such, each room is driven by design. There are various types of rooms, including:

  • Quad bunk rooms
  • Double queen rooms
  • King rooms
  • Ocean View Suite

There are many alterations to these rooms when you’re proceeding to book them. You will also find clever additions to each room, including under-bed storage, foldable furniture, etc.

A minimalist but colorful design and layout should be expected for each room. The artwork is unique, and you will be surprised by the ambiance they spread in the rooms. You will feel like you’re in paradise when the rooms display the city’s best views.

Booking a Hotel

Central Location

The Moxy Miami is the central hub where you should base your stay when you want to see local attractions. It is located close to Versace Mansion, Art Deco Historic District, Ocean Drive, etc.

When you’re planning to get around and want to see as much as possible by walking, staying at Moxy is ideal. It is also located close to South Beach, which means you can get to white sands and blue oceans right away when needed.


Ideal Amenities

Many amenities are available when you decide to stay at the Moxy Miami, including:

  • Moxy Beach Hut
  • Swimming pool
  • In-house catering
  • Audio-visual services for meetings and conferences
  • Business meeting and conference rooms
  • Gym
  • Pet-friendly rooms
  • Game rooms

Besides housekeeping services and lock deposit boxes, many other events are constantly happening in Moxy Miami. They have fun events that cater to their guests and even outsiders. Whether you’re attending a workout with play event or a cocktail night at the hotel, you’ll have an excellent time.


What You Should Know About It

When you’re planning to stay at this property, you should know that they will cater to your every request. Children of any age are welcomed at the hotel, making it the ideal family-friendly hotel in the city.

Private parking is also available for those coming with their personal vehicles. If you’re looking to find a great deal on the hotel, book on to find promotions you can apply to your final checkout.


A Pleasant Stay Guaranteed at the Moxy Miami

For a memorable stay in the city, there is no other place that will serve you or Moxy Miami. The staff is friendly, and the guests are welcome to bring their pets without any extra charges.

When you’re looking for an unforgettable trip to this city, you need to be staying at the best hotel. Moxy Miami is ideal for solo and family tourists, and you can do a lot within the hotel while you’re there.

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