Off-Road Accessories: Must-Haves That You Might Not Have

By on October 31, 2020

Australia has many places for outdoor activities. Most people who explore Australia use a 4WD vehicle to traverse various platforms. This vehicle needs outdoor gear if you want to enjoy your exploration more. You can get your outdoor gear from Australia Wide 4WD. If you have no idea what you need, here are some items you must have that you might not have.

Multi-purpose fire extinguisher

Only a few people have this in their 4WD vehicle. It would be smart to have two fire extinguishers in your vehicle. A B-rated for liquids and a C-rated for electrical equipment. There are many fire accelerants on board any vehicle. These include oils, antifreeze, and hot exhaust pipes.

Toolbox or tool bag

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It is common for a 4WD vehicle to break parts when you travel an extreme trail. Packing a toolbox will save you a lot of effort and time. You can use a tool bag to save space and keep things from rattling. Make sure you have tools that match the type of terrain you plan to conquer. A toolbox or tool bag can have the usual wrenches, vise grips, drivers, and pliers. Include an epoxy that can patch a large hole in a cast-iron differential. Put a tire-plug kit, engine oils, and a container of WD-40, too. You would also want to put various sizes of ropes, wire, and tapes.

First-aid medical kit

An off-road excursion takes you far away from civilization. This means you are miles from a paved road. You cannot expect immediate help during a medical emergency. A first-aid medical kit would help you while waiting for further medical help. It would be best to have a full medical kit but a first-aid medical kit would do fine.

Folding shovel

Most 4WD vehicles get stuck somewhere along the way. A shovel can help you extract your vehicle. A shovel can clear out the soft dirt as the wheels spin. A folding shovel is very convenient since it fits almost anywhere. You can also bring a short D-shovel if you prefer more strength and leverage.

Heavy-duty tire inflator

You have to air the tires up once you finish exploring before you travel again. There will be no convenient source of air nearby. Powered by your vehicle battery or other 12V power sources, a heavy-duty tire inflator is your best option. Packing an air compressor will save you from trouble. There are models that can keep your vehicle running while saving your battery at the same time.

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