Long-term Visit Pass html: What Makes You Eligible And Its Benefits

By on November 9, 2022

Long-term Visit Pass html: What Makes You Eligible And Its Benefits

Are you travelling soon and hoping to take your family with you but you are scared because unlike you, their passes won’t allow them to stay for a long time? Have you heard of long-term visit passes? Do you need a long term visit pass? Click here to find out.

First, let us define our terms.

What is a Long term visit pass?

This is a pass that gives people the opportunity if stay in a particular country for a longer duration than they are meant to. In cases where a family member travels to countries that allow for a long-term visit pass, he or she can take the family along, as long as they have this pass. I’m at last for as long as this relative holds an employee pass

What makes you eligible for a long-term visit pass?

You or your family member may be considered eligible for a long-term visit pass if

1. You have an employment pass or A pass

2. You earn a minimum of $6,000 as a fixed monthly salary. Note that this is only based on your salary and not your family members.

3. You are sponsored by an established, probably by those in the country, usually your employer.

Do you need a long term visit pass? Click here to find out.

Those of your family members that may be considered eligible are under the conditions as follows

1. They, your wife or husband, is a common-law spouse

2. An unmarried handicapped child or children aged 21 and above

3. An unmarried step-child or children under the age of 21 years

4. Parents, if they earn at least $12,000

And if you are married and also a foreigner with a work pass, intending to bring in your legal spouse and child along, you can apply for a dependant pass.

The dependant’s pass and a long-term visit pass may resemble at first in that they both allow some family members to travel with you or join you wherever you are, but they are quite different.

The LVTP is usually issued by the immigration checkpoints authority while the dependant’s pass is issued by the ministry of manpower.

Those that are not found to be eligible for an LVTP are those who do not fall under the categories mentioned above.

Benefits of long-term visit pass

With all that has been said above, you cannot mistake for a fact that this pass allows you to be with your family. It helps you come over the pain of separation.

And given that you can also get a job, we could say it would improve your livelihood.

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