Know The Best Facts About Moving To California

By on November 7, 2022

California is where you should be. This beautiful state is home to residents from different walks of life, including farmers, IT experts, and even celebrities. How well-versed are you in California? The majority of people’s understanding of California begins and ends with Hollywood in Los Angeles. They travel to the state in anticipation of spotting a celebrity in person since they are aware that there are stars with celebrity names on the ground. Living in California? Here’s some useful facts you should know.

Cool facts that one should know about California

If you reside in California, here are a few facts you should know.

It is an earthquake-prone area.

California has a good number of earthquakes. For years, people have warned coastal Californians of “The Big One,” a potentially catastrophic earthquake. What time will it occur? We don’t know! Will it ever occur? The unknown! We are aware that California contains more than 500 fault lines. Fault lines cause earthquakes. Although most earthquakes are minor, the most recent major one occurred in 2019. Since Californians are accustomed to experiencing earthquakes, many won’t notice minor tremors. But if you do, ensure you’re prepared!

Living in California? Here's some useful facts you should know.

Ups and downs

In addition to the variety of climates that California experiences, did you know that it is also home to the highest and lowest places on the American mainland? One of the most unexpected things about California is this!

Feel like a celebrity

How many of your favorite films do you believe the production teams shot on location? Do movie actors and directors frequently go to different countries to film everything there? California has hosted more filming locations than any other state. Even if a movie’s setting appears in Victorian England, ancient Egypt, or even across the nation in Philadelphia, it’s most likely a backlot in Los Angeles or a location in California’s vast and varied landscape. Even though films are being shot in locations worldwide, California will continue to have the most theatrically released films in 2020.

Did You Enjoy These California Facts?

These are a few of our favorite entertaining and fascinating Californian facts. You’ll never run out of new things to discover or learn because the state is so large and diverse! Mountains, lakes, beaches, and deserts can be found in California. It is glitzy, like Hollywood, and has many dogs as pets. What, then, is lacking? You!

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