Jay Blackmore Recommends on Budget Photography During Travel Tours

By on November 28, 2017

New to the whole photography thing? No clue as to how to get high-end pictures at minimum cost? You see, the thing about newborn photographers is that they would go all out to showcase their newly found hobby and what better way to do that than to travel to an exotic location- a ‘click all you want’ pass to magnificent destinations, marvelous sceneries, and astounding views. Jay Blackmore says that if traveling has always been a raging passion for you, this is probably the best time to exercise your photography skills while making the most of your much-deserved break.

It’s one of those times in the year when splurging on a vacation is simply something you’re not up for and yet the storming desire to break the everyday shackles is too strong for you to contain. For newbie travel photographers starting out in the scene, here is a quick bucket of tips to sustain your travel and photography time in a much more flexible yet economical manner.

  • Point and shoot: If you’re just starting out, instead of handling a heavy industrial DSLR, opt for a high-end point and shoot camera that can give you the professional touch without you having to spend a lot on expensive photography gears.
  • Safety measures: traveling to exotic locations just to get that perfect shot is definitely something travel photographers are interested in. However, if you’re in an unfamiliar place, ensure you know where you’re going, who you are going with and most importantly carry enough safety measures such as casings to protect your camera, pepper spray or pocket knife for tricky situations etc.
  • Local apps: Stocking up on the local apps allows you to find the best options on the budget. You can find inexpensive local eateries, inns, traveling options and more. Consult a trusted local if you’re lacking in the apps.
  • Quick techniques: Learning up a little on some quick hacks to inexpensive photography can help you save a great deal on accessories such as tripods, light controllers and more.
  • Travel light: Jay Blackmore recommends you to travel with the bare minimum necessities. You don’t want over-packed items to weigh you down on the road, do you? Plan and pack carefully.
  • Know your way around town: You wouldn’t believe how photographers miss out on incredible locations just because it was not mentioned on the tourist map. Do your research well before traveling to the destination so you know just where to land up to get a perfect shot.
  • Turn to social media: Use social media to connect with photo gurus or traveling forums so you don’t risk over-paying while traveling on a budget.
  • Post cover-up: Even if a picture didn’t come as expected, don’t get your heart tangled up! A little post-production editing and filters are always there for you.
  • First Aid ready travel kit: Carry the essential medicines that can assist you in times of emergency. This includes a make-shift first aid kit with the necessary insect repellents, band-aids, allergy medicines etc.
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