How to apply for Visitor Visa in Canada?

By on August 12, 2017

There are many people who move to another land in search of abetter job, business and standard of living. Some people move to another country in search of advanced degree or further education as well as research work also. The process of migration differs from country to country. There are also various categories for different people who want to get visa of another nation. Same applies to the people who want to move to Canada which is a developed country that attracts citizens of many other countries.

Canada is one of the countries topping the lists if the travelers due to its richness of culture, architecture, natural assets and diversity in lifestyle. Visitors from different countries all over the world come to Canada to explore the richness of the place through visitor’s Visa. To receive a visitor visa, one needs to be eligible for it and follow a certain procedure to get the Visa. The following article will help you to delve into the eligibility criteria and the procedure that you need to follow.

The Eligibility Criteria:

  • A valid passport is required before you fill the documents for the Visa.
  • Once health should be covered by health insurance, and you must be fit for traveling.
  • The person cannot have a criminal background, and you must be free from all the immigration related problems.
  • You have to provide assurance of the fact that you will go back to your place once your visit is complete.
  • You have to provide proof that you have the money to take care of your expenses in Canada. This will depend on your accommodation options that is, if you have a family member staying or not.
  • The temporary resident visa of your country as per your citizenship.
  • A proper medical examination report.
  • A letter of invitation from any concerned authority.

Note: The last three requirements are optional and will be needed only if it is askedfor.

How to Apply for the Visa?

You can belong from any country to apply for the visitor visa, for example, Australia or India. The procedure followed by the Australian visitor Visa for Canada is same as that of an Indian visitor. One can either apply offline or online. If you are applying online, then have a scanner and a camera ready by your side to get an instant copy of the documents or be prepared for whatever personal details are askedfor. For offline application, keep all the required data handy because they need to be accurate. Once you have filled the form, submit it and wait for approval or disapproval.

Every country has its own set of rules for different kinds of Visa, be it for higher studies, traveling or work. The Visitor Visa Australia will be different from that of Canada. But Canada being relatively lenient and owing to its stable cultural, social and political conditions; it is perhaps a good idea to visit the country.

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