Hotel Amenities To Look For Before Booking A Hotel Accommodation

By on August 31, 2019

Hotels nowadays are more than just a place to sleep. Because of the increasing competition in this industry, hotels are now doing everything that they can to win the loyalty of their guests. They needed to offer more to make their guests happy and comfortable during their stay. In fact, there are hotels that offer school holiday hotel promotion in Kuala Lumpur.

Other than that, here are other few things that guests are looking for before booking accommodation:

Free WiFi Access

In this day and age, many people cannot live without the internet, especially when they are on vacation. Sometimes, mobile data is not that fast. Which is why guests make sure that the hotel offers free WiFi access. This is the number one amenity that is being sought after by many travelers. Many travelers are extremely reliant on their mobile phones to look for activities that they can do during their stay and also keep in touch with family and friends back at home.

Free Breakfast

A complimentary breakfast is sometimes enough to make a guest happy. Whether you are a traveler or in Kuala Lumpur for business, it is always a different level of comfort knowing that your first meal of the day is already taken care of for you. A complimentary breakfast will never go unappreciated.

A Good Food/Meal Options

Room service is always an amenity that hotels should have. You should also make sure that the hotel has flexible food options for you, especially if you are on a certain diet. They should also be able to grant your request if you have specific instructions on how your food should be done and prepared. 

In-Room Essentials

Remember that it’s the little details that count. High-quality linens and toiletries can surely make a difference. You know that the hotel has gone all out on their guests when they provide high-end hair products and soaps. You will leave the room pampered and would surely be excited to return.

Mini Fridge Or Mini-Bar

This is something that not all hotels offer. However, if a hotel has one, it makes your stay more comfortable. You can either get anything from the mini-bar or stock your own food and drinks on their complimentary mini-fridge.

Entertainment And Streaming Services

After a long day, you would want to just have a peaceful night in your hotel room. Maybe watch a movie or two while enjoying a glass of wine. Free streaming services is one of the most requested source of entertainment that hotels should offer to their guests. Make sure that you have this on your list of priorities.

By making sure that the hotel has everything that you need, your next travel to Kuala Lumpur, may it be for business or pleasure, would be more comfortable and fun. Ensure that you have a checklist of whatever amenities that you want and double-check them before you book your accommodation. Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful place to visit. Make it more memorable by booking at the best hotels in town.

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