Guide to Bhrigu Lake: Bhrigu Lake Trek Cost And Other Details

By on May 14, 2019

Bhrigu Lake Trek is popular for its alpine meadows which rival even that of Switzerland.  It is one of India’s most prized short treks which boasts of views of Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sister Peaks etc. Follow this detailed guide to Bhrigu Lake to make your trip worthwhile.

About the Trek:

Bhrigu Lake was named after sage Bhrigu who used to meditate at the lake. He is said to have blessed the lake due to which the lake never freezes completely. The way to Bhrigu Lake is through spellbinding meadows and forests complete with streams, flower beds and snow-capped peaks. The dark blue lake welcomes you after an arduous trek with its enchanting beauty.

How to Book:

The trek can be done solo but it is not advisable to go without an experienced guide. Bhrigu Lake trek booking is done best with a reputed trekking company. They are experienced and it will come in handy for you.

How to Reach:

The trek starts from Manali. From there you are driven to Kolang where the real trekking begins. Hence Manali is the meeting point of all trekkers. It is well connected to many parts of the country.

Bhrigu Lake trek

By Air:

The nearest airport is at Bhuntar around 50 kms from Manali. A bus or a cab can be taken from Bhuntar to Manali. Alternately, you can also take a flight to Delhi and then take a cab or bus to Manali, which is 537 kms from Delhi.


By Rail:

There are no direct trains to Manali. You can take a train till Chandigarh or Delhi and then take a cab or bus from there to Manali.

By Road:

Volvo or HRTC buses ply daily from Delhi to Manali and take around  12-13 hours of overnight journey. The buses generally leave from Majnu ka Tila or Kashmiri Gate.

Private Vehicle: You can also drive your private vehicle to Manali instead of using a public transport. But since you will be away for 3 days, you need to make sure you have a safe location to leave your vehicle behind. Otherwise, it’s a great option because you will have the liberty to stop anywhere you wish.

Where To Stay:

Tented accommodation will be provided by the trekking company with which you have done your Bhrigu Lake trek booking.

What to Eat:

Food as well is included in your Bhrigu lake trek cost and is provided by the trekking company. All your nutrition needs are taken care of since trekking requires a different diet altogether. The mornings begin with some refreshing beverage followed by a healthy breakfast. That provides you with energy to trek the whole day until its time for some power packed lunch. Around evening refreshments are served and then dinner at night. Non- vegetarian food, chocolates, sugar bars and alcohol are a big no-no. These products have adverse effects on you when you trek in the mountains.

We hope this information was helpful for you in planning your trek to the mesmerizing Bhrigu lake.

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