Brian Ferdinand – Why Are Luxury Rental Apartments So Popular for Entrepreneurs

By on June 16, 2020

Entrepreneurs operating lucrative businesses often travel to and stay in different cities for a short period. They might have to do so to meet potential investors, customers, trading partners, or attend business seminars. Only then can they get the opportunity to expand their existing commercial activities or exploit new markets. Most of them prefer to live in ‘Class A’ rental apartments during the duration of their stay in the cities. These are high-quality residential properties in affluent areas that have been built within the last ten years. The accommodations boast of having the latest amenities, adequate security, and a low vacancy rate.  The rents of these rental apartments are usually high, but entrepreneurs do not incur any maintenance costs.

Brian Ferdinand – The popularity of luxury rental apartments for entrepreneurs

Brian Ferdinand is a popular real estate investor, business consultant, and entrepreneur from New York. He has 16 years of experience in the real estate investing business. He currently holds the post of Managing Partner in CorpHousing Group. This is a real estate company in America, managing and renting out proprietary ‘Class A’ multi-family apartments. He is responsible for formulating and implementing strategies that promote the company’s brand image and its expansion into new markets. He also owns and operates a prominent hospitality company known as SoBeNY. This corporate enterprise offers to rent out high-quality rental accommodations to tenants and travelers in affluent urban areas. It is a sister concern of the CorpHousing Group.

He says entrepreneurs visiting other cities for their business activities opt to stay in Class A multi-family rental apartments for the following reasons:

  1. The rental apartments are generally in affluent neighborhoods which have low crime rates,
  2. The apartments have adequate surveillance cameras which qualified security personnel monitor to prevent nefarious individuals from entering the premises,
  3. The apartments have their own exclusive wellness centers and gyms which the entrepreneurs can use at their leisure,
  4. The Class A rental apartments have separate conference rooms which entrepreneurs can use to meet investors and customers,
  5. These rental properties have all the amenities entrepreneurs need during their stay in the cities,
  6. The location of the rental apartments makes it easier for entrepreneurs to commute to different parts of the cities,
  7. Entrepreneurs hardly incur any expenditure on the maintenance of the rental apartments throughout their stay, and
  8. The entrepreneurs can show their rental payments as business expenses in their financial accounts and claim tax deductions.

In the opinion of Brian Ferdinand, Class A rental apartments offer entrepreneurs with suitable accommodation during their brief visits to different cities. The apartments are generally found in affluent places with a low crime rate and good connectivity to other areas of the cities. Moreover, the residential buildings themselves have numerous surveillance cameras that qualified security professionals monitor 24/7 round-the-clock. Moreover, the apartments boast of all the latest amenities, including fitness centers and separate conference rooms. Entrepreneurs can even show the rental payments they incur on the apartment as a business expense in their financial accounts. They can then claim relevant tax deductions on this expenditure in the future.

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