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By on June 4, 2018

The immigration has helped the labor market by the constant growth in the labour force. There is an increase in the jobs been taken with the amount of increasing labour force. They make up to 70% of the labour force and it will surely increase in the future. Canada the world’s top immigration destinations, with 2,50,000 new immigrants arriving each year to take advantage of the nation’s strong economy as well as the immigration system which predicts that by 2031 over half of all working age people in the country will have been born overseas. Immigration process is made possible administered by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). IRCC deals with the related to immigration to Canada refugees and Canadian citizenship. It funds he following program through provider organisations

  • Providing newcomers of Canada language instruction.
  • Integrated service program.
  • For resettled refugees Resettlement Assistant Program.

And the programs or the services provided above include the following:

  • Job searching
  • Information on life
  • Access and referral to community resources
  • Language classes in English in French
  • Community activities participation.

Every Canadian citizen and permanent residence have their loved ones abroad and they wish that they could bring their family immigration to Canada. Canadian nationalist or permanent resident, age 18 or over can sponsor their certain family members or other eligible relative to become a permanent resident of Canada. Family visas are the most widely used categories with having over 65000 families visa issued in the year 2008. The relatives being sponsored under the family visa category did not need to undergo a point based assessment. If one becomes a permanent resident, one can live, study and work in Canada. One who is sponsoring is relative has to make sure to financially support the relative one’s here to arise to ensure that he is he does not seek any financial support and help from the government.


  • Grandparents,
  • Sister-brother,
  • nieces-nephews,
  • Orphaned granddaughter-grandson under 18 yrs of age.

Relationships not eligible to be sponsored

One wouldn’t be eligible to be sponsored if

  • He or she is below 16 years of age
  • He or she has stayed apart from the sponsor for minimum of 1 year
  • The sponsor me have aliens wanted another spouse and 3 years have not passed since the individual became a Canadian permanent resident.
  • He or she or the sponsor was married to someone else at the time of their marriage.

If the person rather the applicant does not qualify to sponsor  or support the family members then one may apply to stay in Canada or humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

An undertaking has to be signed by all the sponsor to provide the sponsored person the basic requirements from the day they enter Canada until the term of termination of the undertaking. The sponsor will repay the government for any social assistance payments made to be sponsored person and this contract between the sponsor and CIC is called the undertaking. Even in a change of circumstances like marital breakdown, separation, divorce or financial change of the circumstance the sponsor sponsor will have to remain obligated to the undertaking agreement for the entire period of the contract. Family Immigration Canada has never been so easy before.

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