All You Need To Know About PR Renewal Australia

By on April 10, 2022

Application for a new permanent resident card (PR Card) should be done if it is about to expire in the next nine months or less. Every time you get a new PR card issued, it will come with an expiration date. The majority of the latest PR card remains valid for about five years. The eligibility criteria for getting a PR card are as follows:

  • Be a permanent Australian citizen
  • Submit the application in Australia

Here are some common FAQs bombarded on the subject of PR card and pr renewal australia with their answers. Read on!

How long does it take to get your PR card?

Typically, new permanent residents need to wait 45 days to get the PR cards processed. That happens as soon as IRCC is in receipt of the elaborate application package from people who have satisfied their requirements for residency. In the case of renewed PR cards, the application may take up to 104 days. Nonetheless, several individuals say that it may take many months for the PR card application process to complete. Thus, it is better to margin and allow a lot of time for the processing of your PR application.

pr renewal australia

What are the perks of having a PR visa?

Having a PR visa in Australia allows you to travel and explore the country without any restraints. Furthermore, if you want to study, you can apply for specific educational loans and continue your higher studies in Australia. Once you have held a PR visa for more than two years, you become qualified for different Social Security benefits in Australia. You also get the facility of sponsoring the PR card of your relatives and family members, given that they meet the requirements of eligibility. With a PR visa, you are allowed to apply for different government jobs and may even travel to another country, New Zealand, and apply for a visa.

What are the top requirements for getting a PR visa?

A person should be less than 45 years old to get a PR visa and must be adequately proficient in English. Furthermore, an individual has to pick from the SOL (skilled occupation list) which is divided into three categories, namely, Regional Occupations List, Short term Skilled Occupation List, and Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. One has to acquire at least 65 points for getting a PR visa, and if you get 80 to 85 points in the eligibility, your PR visa would come even faster and pr renewal australia done quicker.

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