YouTube unknowingly tuned into music platform

By on December 3, 2020

From pieces performed by music bands to those nostalgic songs from the 80s and 90s, YouTube has something for everyone. In fact, thanks to generous uploaders, the site has become a home to old classics that you may not even find on Spotify. Thus, it won’t be wrong to suggest that, unknowingly, YouTube has turned into a platform for music.

Managed to overtake audio streaming apps

Youngsters have access to SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music; however, they prefer to use YouTube as their radio. For them, the platform is their iTunes, Walkman, and MTV. They also convert YouTube to mp3 and download the same.

Google suggests that roughly more than one billion people visit YouTube in search of music every month. It’s a bizarre fact that the platform intended to lead the streaming war and emerge as an alternative to television has accidentally ended up becoming a music platform.

Most importantly, besides the industry-manufactured studio recordings, the platform offers more user-generated content. It helps musicians to directly earn revenue for their work instead of relying on audio companies. Music companies, film studios, music bands, and artists prefer to release teasers of their new songs on YouTube channels to create a wave of excitement amongst fans. Besides musicians, the platform is attracting a lot of podcasters as well.

YouTube for podcasts

A study conducted in Canada recently has pointed out that YouTube is slowly emerging as a platform for podcasts and music. Out of the total participants, 23 percent said they use Spotify for podcasts, 34 percent said they use Apple Podcasts, while 43 percent pointed out YouTube as their source for podcasts.

Even renowned names like Marques Brownlee, Logan Paul, and Emma Chamberlain give priority to YouTube. Besides releasing podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, they also release special video editions of their content created exclusively for YouTube. Their popularity has reached altogether a different level on Google’s platform since last year.

Podcasters are using it as a tool to make revenue and reach new audiences with the YouTube search algorithm. They know the platform is set to continue its growth during the coming months and increase its reach worldwide.

Downloading music and podcasts in MP3 format

Some songs and podcasts touch the heart, and the audience feels like listening to the same multiple times. Unfortunately, people do not have access to WI-Fi 24*7. Thus, everyone may not prefer streaming music, podcasts, or videos. Downloading the content in MP3 format while in 4G or Wi-Fi network and listening to the same on the phone’s music player can be a good idea. Thankfully, there are helper websites that allow users to convert YouTube to mp3 format and download the same for free.

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