The Important Tools of Life Science

By on September 10, 2020

Life science is anything that is related to matters of the living. This includes anything from chemicals, biotechnology, and even basic food. There is no limit to what is entailed in the life science community. If it has something to do with our well-being to live then it is already included in life sciences. That is why a field in any of the life sciences can prove to be incredibly beneficial to mankind.

Before you begin studying in any life sciences field, however, you would first need to know about the tools you would use. There are a lot of important items that you would need to own before you can set our experiments. Life science is a more complicated manner. You would need to conduct sufficient research before you can start messing with the laws of nature.

One of the most important tools of the trade is the icp oes instrument. This is just one of several important devices being used to distinguish certain attributes of life sciences. As such, there is a near-endless supply of information to be had when it comes to life sciences. It would make your life a lot easier if you stick to just one specific field in the life sciences department. This would prevent the overwhelming knowledge to overcome your future.

icp oes instrument



You heard it previously written that an icp oes instrument is an important tool when it comes to life sciences. But do you know what those acronyms mean? The ICP OES translates to inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectrometry. That alone sounds like it can be a handful to understand.

To put it simply, the icp oes instrument is used to detect chemical elements while testing. It does so by using a specialized technique that uses plasma optical emission to detect the elements. This is important as the samples measured would be subjected to being dissolved, ionized, and even excited. Although, it should be noted, it does not mean the same in the scientific community.

There is another form of testing technique that is being used that uses icp aes instead of icp oes. Aes refers to atomic emission spectroscopy, while oes are for optical emission spectroscopy.

However, the use of an icp oes instrument relies more on than just the plasma on to detect chemical elements. The instrument would also need to utilize a spectrometer to handle its testing. Although this instrument and technique have been around since 1974, constant change in design is still being made. This is due to the rapid advancement in discoveries from the life science community. As such, companies like Agilent are spearheading change with their brand new icp oes instruments. These are designed for long-term use and flexibility.

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