Quick and Easy Guide to Make Baby Footprints

By on November 20, 2019

To get the perfect newborn baby footprints is a bit tricky, but following this article’s quick and easy guide on how to make baby footprints will help you to get the perfect and adorable footprints of your little ones.

Also, it is highly recommended to use a baby-safe ink or an inkless baby footprint kit to complete these DIY prints. You may also use these little adorable baby footprints as souvenirs, keepsake, to make invitation cards, or to put in your little one’s baby memory book.

While your baby is still little and tiny, it is the perfect time to get their footprints so you can create a memory of how cute they are. Below are some tips that you can follow for taking your newborn baby footprints.

Things You Will Need:

  • Paper or card
  • Baby safe ink or
  • inkless baby footprint kit

1. Ensure that Your Little One is Comfortable

inkless baby footprint kit

From all the steps and tips, this one is the essential thing to get the perfect baby footprint of your newborn. If your baby is grumpy and unsettled, it will be impossible to get a clear footprint as they will move too wriggly as you try to get footprints will only make them upset.

For younger babies, it is best to take a clear footprint while they sleep is the best option for you. However, if the baby is awake and they are alert throughout the day, it is better to make them comfortable first. You can get some nearby toys or items that can distract them.

In order to get a clear footprint, your little ones need to lie down in a position that can give you easy access to their cute little feet.

2. Prepare Your Supplies

Of course, you don’t want to begin taking your baby footprints without having your things ready beside you – that would be a nightmare! There are some products that you can use to make your little one’s footprints, safely.

  • An inkless footprint kit – it is suitable for newborn babies as there is no paint or ink involved in the process. Also, they are non-toxic and hundred percent safe to use on newborns. If you’re going to use this footprint kit, you just need to wipe the baby’s foot on the kit instead of using ink and press it onto the card to create a little footprint
  • Baby safe ink – If you prefer using ink, you can choose a baby-safe inkpad and ensure that there is enough space to fit your baby’s entire foot.

Aside from a footprint kit, you will also need something hard to place under the paper. A hardback book, clipboard, pile of cards, and even a chopping board would be perfectly fine. If you are using an ink, ensure that you have baby wipes on stand-by for a quick clean up.

3. Ready Yourself

Make sure that you get yourself in a good position facing the baby’s feet so that their little feet are not that hard to reach.

4. Create the Footprint

Now that everything is ready, it is now the right time to create and take the footprint. Simply place the paper under your baby’s feet so that the place you want to print is within reach of their little foot. Also, don’t forget that you should have a hard surface under your card.

Simply hold the baby’s foot firmly by the ankle, and press the baby’s foot into the paper. If you’re done with taking the footprint, let them dry for a few minutes. After that, you can do whatever you want from the footprints.

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