Physical Applications Of Lettering You Should Know About

By on March 16, 2018

Before you can take up an online course for learning lettering skills, you should first know about the applications where you can use your skills and make a living. In this digital world, lettering is used in logos, digital posters and cards and everywhere whenever something attention-grabbing has to be shown. Apart from that, there are various physical items where the lettering is used like crazy. The various are the areas where you can apply your lettering skills and create your own online stores and offline outlets to sell those products. We, at SkillShare, offer various courses to make you learn lettering skills like a pro. You can visit us for different tutorials and learn anything you want sitting in the comfort of your home.

Various Physical Applications Of Lettering –

T-Shirts – T-shirts of various types are sold like hotcakes across the world. The reason is that they are affordable and stylish. With the help of your lettering skills, you can design unique t-shirts that are eye-catching and potential will be attracted to buy them out. Therefore, you have the scope of selling them online through various e-commerce platforms and eventually, you can have your own brand and store.

Tattoos – Most of the people like to get a tattoo done on their bodies. But they always look for custom letters so that their tattoos look extremely attractive and absolutely unique. This is where various lettering designers have capitalized and they have their own tattoo outlets with hundreds of customers getting unique tattoos done every month.

Labels – Use of lettering on the labels of products is not a new thing but there is a constant upgrade in the lettering style and design. You can visit us for different tutorials to learn various techniques to design outstanding and exclusive lettering designs. You can then start as a freelancer and get clients by showcasing your design portfolio.

Covers – The covers of books and magazines need custom characters to make them look extremely attractive and the covers are the deciding factors at times that determine the sales figure. There is a huge demand for book and magazine cover designers and along with that, you can also design covers of packages of various shipping.

Apart from these, you can design wedding cards, do graphitic works on walls, design menus of various restaurants, advertisement posters and banners. The possibilities are limitless once you learn the skills to use.

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