MacBook Water Damage Repair: An Overview

By on August 11, 2022

The MacBook is a brand of Macintosh notebook computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc, which has used Apple’s macOS operating system since 2006. It replaced the iBook and PowerBook brands during the Mac transition to Intel processors in 2005. Sometimes incidents might take place. Unlike all, there are the best macbook water damage repair shops in Singapore.

How could a damaged Macbook be repaired?

Usually, liquid or water-damaged Macbooks could be professionally repaired. Even if the water damage to the charging circuit is nearly 100% repairable, the circuit’s higher voltage could still be a significant threat. One needs to unplug the charger and could come to the point where they should turn off 99% of the MacBook’s logic board circuits. Damage to Mac computers and accessories due to liquid exposure is not covered by the Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty or the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP). However, the best MacBook repair and replacement are provided by the Lyk Mobile of Singapore.

What services does Lyk Mobile provide?

Whether a person cracks their display screen or damages the MacBook Air’s battery, the repair experts in Singapore are armed with the intangible knowledge and repair expertise to get a laptop back to tip-top condition.

Like mobile has extensive expertise on toolkits and programs to repair and replace apple MacBooks at affordable prices and speed without compromising quality. A few of the services provided are-

macbook water damage repair

  • MacBook battery replacement
  • MacBook water damage replacement and repair
  • MacBook Wi-fi connection Reconfiguration
  • MacBook crack screen Replacement and Repair
  • MacBook Keyboard Replacement
  • MacBook Sensor Pad Replacement
  • MacBook GPU Repair
  • MacBook Dent Repair
  • MacBook Motherboard Repair
  • MacBook OS Reinstallation
  • MacBook Speaker/Buzzer Repair
  • MacBook LCD Repair and Replacement
  • MacBook Trackpad Repair and Replacement
  • MacBook 2017 SSD Replacement
  • Repair for Scratches on the MacBook Aluminium Body
  • MacBook Staingate Fix
  • MacBook USB/Charging Port Repair and Replacement

Legging and working slowly on a MacBook is very common. One might face problems such as dipping the MacBook three times and refusing to start up. In such a case, a person need not worry as Lyk mobile team has spare figuring out how to fix a slow MacBook. These expert technicians would find the best solution to resolve any issues one might face with their MacBook.

In Singapore, one might expect their Macbook repair to take at least five days. Like mobile utilizes high-quality spare parts to ensure quality is never compromised. They are one of Singapore’s most reliable yet wallet-friendly third-party MacBook repair service providers. The repair cost is between $80 to $680, making it more affordable.

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