How to Convert YouTube Videos to Upload on Facebook?

By on October 5, 2018

The advent of technology has made the world smaller. Now we can connect with people all around the world in a jiffy. With this, the opportunities for becoming famous are also growing. If you want to be recognized for your talent, then there is no need to audition for any kind shows. All you have to do is to be a part of any social platform and instantly your talent will take you towards fame.

YouTube and Facebook are two such huge social media platforms which are not only connecting people and giving information but also helping talented people to enter the hearts of millions. YouTube videos are watched by many people but Facebook has a better number of views and hence, to gain the maximum attention you need to post your videos on YouTube as well. Customized YouTube thumbnails can be then put on Facebook. But the question is how can we convert the YouTube videos to upload on Facebook. Let us find out.

There are many ways by which you can convert the YouTube videos and upload it on Facebook. Let us explore each of the methods. For the first method, you need to go to your YouTube site. Search the video which you would like to upload. If the video is restricted one, then you have to use your account to get it. Once you get the video, there will be the share icon underneath it. Click on the Facebook icon and your job is done. Once the video is shared you can add captions to it so that it looks more appealing and increase the number of views for your video. Sounds great right? In this way, the YouTube video will be directly uploaded to your Facebook page without any issues. This method is applicable only when you want to post the videos through your desktop.

Next up is the way in which you can post the videos through your mobile phone. In this method, you just need to click on the YouTube app and search for the desired video. The video can be anything ranging from informative to entertaining. You can choose from the various content. Once you are sure about the video you want to post. Just click on the share button and then on the Facebook icon. Upload your video on your Facebook account and out in some catchy words. And lo! Your video will get the popularity which you need.

The last method is a bit lengthy but gives much better results than the other two. Many a time it happens that while uploading your videos directly to Facebook reduces the quality of videos. How can we overcome this problem? It is pretty simple. All you need is a video converter application and your job will be done. It will help you in converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnails. Just choose the video from the YouTube site. Copy its link and paste it in the converter website. Put in the quality and size of the video. The video converted to Facebook video and can be easily uploaded with fancy captions. Hence, in this way, you can convert YouTube videos and upload it on Facebook.

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