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By on April 24, 2020

Work is no longer limited to the constraints of an official working room. Remote service has its advantages. The most important thing is to live your life to the fullest when you are living. And nobody can tie you to a place just for work purposes, even though you love to fly. You just need a nice, working laptop, a fresh cup of cappuccino and some of these accessories and work gadgets.

  1. AirBar

AirBar is a luminous device that instantly turns your normal laptop into a touch screen. Connect the bar with a magnet to the bottom of your laptop monitor, attach it via a universal serial bus (USB) and communicate with your monitor with everything from a brush to a gloved finger. The laptops of Windows 10, as well as Mac, are compatible. Small businesses should invest in an AirBar to improve the interactivity of their video calls, meetings and consumer presentations with laptops.

  1. Branded Wireless Phone Charger

You can charge your mobile wherever you are without being connected to the socket or USB port with a wireless telephone charger. All you have to do is position your smartphone over the loader and look at the magic. You can also customize it with a business logo or brand when you order it from Anypromo and you can double it as an exchange office.

  1. Flippable Platform Electric Standing Desk

You can adjust easily when working between standing and sitting. It prevents food coma and keeps you active right after lunch.

  1. BrightLink Pro Interactive Displays

This is a projection system that allows the use of a digital whiteboard, video-conference screen or giant Tablet to link and share data from multiple sources.

  1. Smart Postage Meter

The next generation SendPro C Series is the office solution for sending. It is a multi-media digital platform that allows offices of all sizes to choose the perfect package choice for every packet, letter and parcel sent while ensuring maximum traceability and savings between carriers, up to a 39% discount on USPS rates. Businesses can now safely use their built-in laptop, Android mobile device or tablet to send packages, email services and related applications. Currently, on the market there is nothing other than a combination of distribution and mail in the receiving system with a wireless connection.

  1. Hardware Encrypted HDDs and SSDs

SSDs and encrypted hard drives provide portable storage with secure and high capabilities. It’s perfect for companies that collect and then transport confidential data. Hard drives may contain more data, but SSDs are considered longer. Storage discs and SSD discs are encrypted and are ideal for those who work, on the move or at the home office who need to protect their data.

  1. Office Handy Multitool

Make sure your office has a multifunction tool. The screws fall off, locking the screws, cutting the wires and opening the packages. You may need to open a cocktail or two for adults at the party. If a full set of tools is not available (or budget) for the office, the multifunction tool offers the perfect choice.

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