Capturing Audio from YouTube using Movavi Screen Recorder

By on March 28, 2018

Do you like to listen to music on YouTube? Perhaps you just find it convenient to stream music on it, or maybe you like exploring some of the rare music that is available, such as obscure indie bands, bootlegged recording sessions, or even old concert footage.

The problem with streaming music on YouTube is that ultimately that means you need to be online and stream the video in question every time that you want to listen to it. To add to that the uploader may take the video offline, or it may disappear for other reasons.

If you’d like to save the songs that you enjoy streaming on YouTube there are several options you could pursue. The only truly universal one however is to capture the audio from YouTube using Movavi Screen Recorder.

Record and Save Music From YouTube

Although trying to capture audio from YouTube may sound technical and complicated, Movavi Screen Recorder will let you start recording in minutes. In fact if you want to give it a try you should launch the software right now.

The first thing you’d normally do is define the capture area, but if you aren’t interested in recording video you can click anywhere. If you do want to record the video along with the audio, you can just click and drag your mouse cursor to draw a frame, or use one of the presets in Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface.

In any case after that’s done you should make sure the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted, so that Movavi Screen Recorder captures audio via your speakers. Ideally the ‘Microphone’ icon should not be highlighted, as you don’t want audio from the microphone to interfere. If one icon or the other isn’t right, click to toggle it.

After everything is set up, you can click ‘REC’ to start recording then open and play the YouTube video. Once it is done, click ‘Stop’ and go over the video in the ‘Preview’ window that Movavi Screen Recorder will open.

The ‘Preview’ window is useful as it will not just give you the opportunity to check your recording, but also let you trim out any unwanted parts. If and when you’re satisfied, you can then click ‘Save As’ and select MP3 or one of the other audio formats so that Movavi Screen Recorder saves the song as an audio file.

All in all it won’t take you long to set up everything as it was described above. The first time may take a minute or two, but after that you’ll be able to get it done in a flash. If you explore Movavi Screen Recorder’s features further, you’ll even see that you can set the frame rate, capture keyboard and mouse actions, automate the recording, and more.

Now that you know how to record and save audio from YouTube, you can preserve any songs that you like. In fact you could even save YouTube videos without any difficulty at all.

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