A Technical Introduction to IBM AS400

By on February 4, 2019

The main idea of AS400 came when IBM thought of combining its midrange computers into one. But as the attempt failed disastrously, IBM Rochester took the leftovers of the project Fort Knox and developed AS400. It was the first generation of IBM’s midrange business computers. Since then AS400 hosting term became very popular. The AS400 serve as an intermediate node, in other words, as a Host. It was used as a remote system to operate the mainframes and acted as a network server to PCs. And even today, the successors of this Power System, i.e. non-mainframe computer family are used.

You will be amazed to learn that the AS400 changed its name over time and all names are valid till date. So, you might know this power system by a different name as:

  • AS/400
  • AS/400e
  • eServer iSeries
  • eServer i5
  • System i5
  • System i
  • POWER systems

But the most popular name by which IBM power system is known as is the IBM i. You might be wondering what does the “i” means. Well, it stands for Integrated. The latest version of the IBM i is 7.3.

Features of IBM AS400:

When the IBM i  was being developed, the focus was on developing an Operating system that required little or zero on-site attention from technical staff while it operates normally. Some of the high-quality features of AS400 hosting are given below for better understanding of the power system.

  • IBM i has an in-built DB2 database which means it doesn’t require separate installation.
  • Disks are redundant and can easily be replaced on line without disturbing the system working.
  • The hardware and software tasks are integrated together for better maintenance.
  • Self-care policy can automatically schedule common maintenance, detect failures, and even order spare parts of the system for service.
  • Another peculiar feature is its object-based It consists of only objects of different types. And the objects persist large and flat virtual memory called Single Level store.
  • The licensed products included with the IBM i is iSeries Navigator, web-based and client-based graphical tool for administration, database, WebSphere Application server, and an Apache Web Server.
  • It introduced the logical partitioning with the i5/OS for multiple virtual system support on a single hardware footprint.

As the power system got more and more popular, multiple advancements are made in it. The system was made compatible with various other systems. A joint technology was designed to let the IBM i have support for MySQL which was an open source database.

One great feature that was marked by every user about AS400 hosting was PASE. It provides a compatible environment for AIX applications. This allows the application to run natively on the OS without logical partitioning requirement. The term PASE stands for Portable Applications System Environment, which was a huge success for IBM i. With time, the new versions of AS400 have been released to enhance the system functioning.

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