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By on November 14, 2021

Suppose you’ve made up your mind, and you finally come to your senses. Yes! You are getting a swimming lesson on your own. But, wait. Where should you start? Isn’t it that kids are only the ones who need some of these swimming lessons? Is it not good if adults try to learn on their own as well. If you have any of these doubts, then it’s time not to worry.

Swim Singapore provides all the services you need. Everything gets a guarantee that all coaches have a certification. And gets verified to teach you all the tricks! It is straightforward to register and try the class. You only have to visit if you are looking for private swimming lessons.

But of course, you will also get to meet new people who also help you to swim. Meeting friends and new colleagues is the best thing that can happen. Make swimming your hobby, and you will indeed have the best experience ever. Of course, it’s all worth it if you do it with Swim Singapore.

Yet, how much will the price be? If this is your concern, time to dig in the plunge now and see all the rates here and swimming lessons offered.

visit if you are looking for private swimming lessons

Swimming Rates

Here are the following rates that you can avail yourself upon registering:

  • 1 to 1 swimming classes fee is $65 per student
  • 1 to 1 swimming classes fee is $40 per student
  • 1 to 3 swimming classes fee is $30 per student
  • 1 to 4 swimming classes fee is $25 per student

An added surprise is that it is your first time with Just Swim Singapore. Get a free trial of a swimming course worth $60! It’s a good thing that Just Swim offers this! All for you to have an incredible journey and experience with your lesson. Besides, it’s an advantage knowing if you and your coach will be good together within this free trial. But mind you, you will enjoy everything at its finest!

Swimming Lessons

There are swimming lessons for kids, adults and female trainers. All these options will give you the advantage of your free trial class the first time you try it. Then again, there’s no need to worry! All coaches adhere to Covid 19 protocols so that everyone will be safe.

After all, safety and protection will still be the top priority for everyone in the class. Good luck on your journey, and may you enjoy swimming together with your mates! Have fun and swim as much as you can!

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