Joseph Cipolla Chicago – How Can Soccer Improve Your Life

By on October 7, 2020

Soccer, popularly known as football in several parts of the globe outside of the USA, is one of the most well-loved sports among both the old and young. There was a survey conducted by Nielsen’s World Football Report, where over 40% of the popular in 18 international markets described themselves as fans of soccer.

Joseph Cipolla Chicago – What are the benefits of playing soccer?

Joseph Cipolla Chicago is a passionate fan of soccer and loves playing baseball, basketball, and sports. He lives in Illinois in Chicago and says that soccer has its share of magical health benefits that improve your life. He says soccer can add value to your life in the following ways-

Boost endurance

He says soccer is a game that gives you a complete body workout. He says a game lasts for 90 minutes and is split into two segments of 45 minutes. This means in each of these two halves; you are constantly moving your whole body. You are sprinting, jogging, kicking, walking, stretching, and at times jumping.

If you compare soccer with other sports, you will find very few of them use this sort of multi-functions for the body. This means when you start to play soccer, you have the ability to transport oxygen from the cardiovascular system to all the muscles in your body. This helps you to improve how effectively your muscles use this oxygen for overall energy.

Knock off those unwanted pounds

All the body movements you use during a soccer game imply you are in a complete metabolism mode. This means the body is replacing lost nutrients not only during the game but much afterward as well. Metabolism is the natural process where our bodies convert water and food to energy. When you are playing the game, the body’s insulin levels are very sensitive during this time, and it does not store glycogen as fat.

There is another health benefit of playing soccer, and that is during the game, the body produces lactic acid that helps in the supplementation of insufficient oxygen in your body. At the same time, the body produces adrenaline that helps to shift the fat resulting in fat burning.

Boost cardiovascular health

With regular soccer games, you are able to boost the health of your blood vessels and heart. If you are not careful with your cardiovascular health, you will suffer from illnesses like coronary heart disease, stroke, or heart failure.

Multiple studies display that regular physical exercise and activity have the ability to boost cardiovascular health to a large extent.

As per Joseph Cipolla Chicago it is a soccer game; you generally run or walk for at least 5 miles. This mileage and body movement are bound to boost your cardiovascular health and keep the heart rate up. This means that you not only boost your levels of physical activity, but you can improve your overall immunity against ailments and diseases. You can improve blood circulation to all the parts of the body with success.

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