Wireless headphones – A knowhow

By on August 26, 2017

Wireless headphones are the most comfy gadget that do not require the electronic devices for a certain range. They are highly available in Bluetooth technology with 30m range limit. Wireless headphones require charging or battery portability. User has to compromise on sound quality as compared to wired headset. Range issues and battery crates problems. Many of the headphone models also have volume adjust controls along with mute button in order to turnoff the transmission voice while operating headphones. Grab more knowhow about the cheap wireless headphones here.

There are three techniques in wireless headphones. They are infrared, radio and blue tooth. In infrared, the infrared ray is used to transmit the sound to headphone. It works in the same way as the remote control for TV. The transmitter and headphones should be in sight to transmit the signal. Radio uses radio signal. It is more FM than digital. It works just like a radio. There has to be choice of two or more channels to avoid interference from other devices or neighbors who use the same headphones.

       Bluetooth device works by using radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect with the cell phone, smart phone or computer. Bluetooth is a wireless short range communication technique found in many everyday products like laptops, portable speakers. Most blue tooth headphones have a range of 10 meters. Devices with blue tooth technique can connect and exchange data using radio transmission and helps to connect with multiple devices simultaneously.

When the blue tooth transmitter is paired with the blue tooth headphone the setup would be complete. Some set up boxes allows one to connect headphones and listen to TV shows or movies in private. The battery life of blue tooth headphones last for 4 – 12 hours. The battery takes three hours to charge and can get a range of 80 feet. Get the cheap wireless headphones here.


  • Bluetooth headphones can be used while travelling, working in a gym or at home.
  • No hassles of tangling of wires.
  • “Play or pause” can be operated from headphones without handling the mobile.
  • Some headphones can be used on the computer as well.
  • Hands free – blue tooth technique makes mobile phones more functional with wireless headphones. It allows for hands free answering and talking on mobile phones.
  • It is inexpensive, automatic and user friendly.
  • Consumes low energy.
  • Reliable and universal.


  • Needs to be charged daily.
  • Bluetooth headphones high end are expensive.
  • Pairing them to devices sometimes takes time and has to be charged separately.
  • It emits microwave radiations which causes biological changes in the human body at cellular level and gets transmitted to off springs via DNA or RNA.
  • Pain in the ears when used for long period of time.
  • High volume leads to hear loss.
  • Radiation causes weight gain, brain cancer, leukemia.

             Research shows blue tooth headphones emit far less radiations than cell phones. It is estimated to be about thousand times less than the cell phones and it is safer to use during driving.

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