What you should know about Durian Delivery Singapore?

By on September 10, 2022

Durian is a one-of-a-kind tropical fruit. It is well-known in Southeast Asia, in which it is known as “the king of fruits.” The vitamins in durian are higher compared to the majority of fruits. While you may go to one of the numerous fruit stands all along roads, occasionally you simply desire to get as near to a bite of something like the rich, whipped cream fruit as possible without leaving your house. Durian delivery services were also sprouting up. Whatever time your addictions strike, you can have them supplied directly to your doorstep. Durian Delivery Singapore just takes ten hours to transport freshly slipped durians from their planting to their Singapore shops.

It has a distinctive look and a more distinct odour.

Durian fruit is similar to oval in shape, about a mile thick, and enclosed in intimidating-looking spikes. The fruit can consider around two and seven pounds, and it is heavy enough so that carrying it in your hands by the body of the fruit rather than the stem may pierce the skin. Even so, its ethereal presence is overshadowed by another of its characteristics – the smell. Durians have a powerful, unpleasant odour that pervades the shell and endures long after the fruit has indeed been eliminated.

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It is an architectural inspiration.

The durian is Singapore’s official fruit. The Esplanade building near Marina Bay began as two glass spires, but after the layout was changed to include trying to cover the structures with tipped aluminium shades, the buildings got on the aesthetic of a durian cut in half.

It is not permitted on public transportation.

Durian has already been banned on several forms of public transportation in Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong due to its intense odour. In Singapore, the fruit is prohibited on all modes of public transportation, and taxis have signs indicating that they will not transport travellers carrying the stinky fruit.


Eating durian is barred in many open spaces throughout Singapore, and holding it on public transportation is forbidden due to its odour. However, its fans are adamant about keeping the highly contested scent. Durian delivery singapore strives to continue providing you with the finest durians at affordable prices. Durian can be found in both sweet and savoury dishes. The whipped cream flesh and seeds are both edible, although these seeds must be cooked. The durian season has resumed, and it is anticipated to continue into August and September this year.

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