What is trail running? Definition and advice for choosing shoes

By on November 2, 2021

Running and trail running: similar but different

Running in itself is an extraordinary sport that develops resilience, gives health and well-being. The observation of the landscape is an integral part of it, but during the activity a sort of automatic pilot is triggered that grinds kilometers in balance between breath and heartbeat. Trail running, on the other hand, changes constantly, with varying slopes and different terrains : mud, sand, gravel, woods, etc. It is therefore necessary to adapt to the road, sharpen the reflexes, be ready to change the physical effort and the pace. There are several trail runningdepending on the length to be covered, and parts of the planned path can also be paved or asphalted. The only condition, so that we can speak of a regulatory trail, is that these portions occupy less than 20% of the total route. In some cases you can also run in the city (city trail), taking advantage of the unevenness of the metropolitan terrain. Another fundamental factor is the pace, what distinguishes trail running and trekking , another sporting activity practiced in nature but at a relaxed and less demanding walking pace trail running shoes for men.

Features shoes for trail running

The trail running shoes from the traditional ones should hold it against many aspects of off-road racing. The technical specifications are related both to the physical characteristics of the individual and to the climatic and soil conditions. Knowing the route is a great advantage to be able to orient yourself on a particular type of shoe, specific for the type of terrain . On the other hand, when the path is changeable then the right choice is to go towards more versatile models, which allow you to run on any terrain, regardless of environmental and climatic conditions. The most important features are mainly excellent grip, stability, comfort, resistance and lightness.

trail running shoes for men

So here is a small guide in a few points to choose the perfect trail shoe for your runs:


That is adherence to the ground, which allows you to download energy and give maximum thrust to each stride. This detail is important both uphill and downhill, to avoid slipping on wet ground with foliage or rain.


Very important for absorbing the shocks of your footsteps, but it must not be excessive otherwise you will feel a sensation of bouncing or floating.

Waterproofing and breathability

The foot must remain dry but must also be able to breathe. A shoe that combines waterproof and lightweight fabrics is ideal in all conditions.

Protection and reinforcements

Some sections of the shoe such as the forefoot and midsole must have reinforced plates that do not make the hardness of the ground feel and that protect against impact with solid obstacles.

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