Types of Watch Straps to Upgrade Your Watch

By on December 17, 2018

A watch strap is one of the essential components of a watch that adds style to it. While people are particular about the dial of the watch, color, shape, and numerals of the watch, people almost always underestimate how crucial it is to choose a watch with the right kind of strap based on occasions. Here’s a list of most common watch straps and where to wear these straps.


Leather is the all-time favorite material when it comes to watch straps. Leather is an all-rounder watch strap material which can help create both formal and casual look. However, since they are a little high-maintenance, you would have to commit to taking proper care and not exposing it to rough use.

Contrast stitching

For anyone who would want a considerable amount of attention devoted to the strap of the watch, strap with contrast stitching would do justice. White and black are the most preferred colors to create contrast since they catch a lot of attention. These watches look good when you wear clothes that are contrasting. For instance, as you pair up a white shirt with black pants, this watch would add an element to your look.

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Zulu is a kind of strap that is made mostly from nylon to make it pretty durable. Zulu straps are best suited for casual occasions; going pretty well with casual clothes, like t-shirt and denims. Also, this kind of watch strap complements watches with large face the best.


The most formal style of strap is the bracelet or link strap. Bracelet straps are made of metal. However, the metal used is different based on your budget. Most of the mid-range watches come with stainless steel straps. You would find silver, gold, titanium, and even rich wood used in high-end watches. Moreover, even within the category, you would find a wide range of patterns to suit your style the best.


If you are looking for a strap that would last you pretty long as you have more of rough use, the rubber strap is the best. They do particularly well for people who go for adventurous activities, like trekking, skydiving, swimming, etc. While other straps of different materials might give up, these keep going for a long time.

For most swiss replica watches, even the straps are replicated in ways it gets almost impossible to differentiate them from the original. If you are not exactly pleased with the strap f your watch but love the dial, you can as well shop just for the strap and buy what you love.

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