The Main Reason Why CBD Oil is Not Sold by Amazon

By on October 15, 2020

Amazon is a famous online retail shop where you can buy almost anything and everything you want without leaving your home’s comforts. The only problem is, some products are not available because of their strict policies. Amazon CBD products are one such thing that they don’t sell because of their laws regarding controlled substances. Even though CBD does not contain THC, it is still automatically a Schedule I controlled substance because it is made from hemp, a different variety of cannabis plants. You simply can’t reason out with Amazon on this one because they are facing the risk of potential losses if they ever get caught shipping these products out.

Another thing is that there are some states where CBD is totally banned in any form. Amazon couldn’t accidentally deliver these products in these states, if ever.

Does CBD Have High-Inducing Effects?

CBD oil does not contain THC because it is made from a different variety of cannabis plants, which is called Hemp. It is an excellent pain relief and helps individuals that are suffering from seizures. That is why people have faith in CBD oil. But even if it does not get you high, the rest of the CBD products in the market today are not regulated because the FDA has approved only one CBD product.

With over 600,000 products being sold on Amazon daily, they can’t risk breaking federal laws such as selling CBD oil. That’s why cannabis-derived products are now a part of Amazon’s list of banned items.

Buying Hemp Oil from Amazon

Some companies are allowed to sell Hemp Oil or Hemp Extracts on Amazon. But if you know what these companies are, they sell CBD oil in the guise of a Hemp Oil, if you know how to look closely. If you search for the following phrases:

  • Hemp Oil
  • Hemp Extract
  • Hemp Oil Extract

There’s a huge chance that these companies sell CBD under the radar. There’s only one problem: you are not sure if these products are made of quality hemp. And also, these companies that are selling CBD oil don’t regulate their products. So you are not sure if the product that you just bought is rich in cannabinoid. Sometimes, they will commit fraud by telling you that their company is legit when it’s not. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and buy from a reliable source.

Buying CBD Oil from Joy Organics

Just to be sure, you should buy your CBD oil from a reputable company like Joy Organics. They only sell CBD oil made from the premium quality hemp plant. Aside from that, these CBD products have components that will strengthen their overall potency and bioavailability. They have third party lab testers that will trace THC content to ensure that you only get pure CBD without the worry. Ensure that you get a Broad-spectrum hemp oil that’s THC-free, so you can make sure that there is no THC in your products.

With Joy Organics, you will only receive CBD products that you can trust.

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