Refrigerator means Godrej

By on November 20, 2019

The refrigerator is one of the most commonly used household appliance that is required for various purposes. The usual purposes include having cold storage for food, fruits, and vegetables, keeping these items fresh for longer a sleeping the water cold. The weather in India keeps changing, but during summer’s there are extremely hot temperatures. This creates a huge demand amongst the people to purchase and use the refrigerators. According to this logic, the refrigerator prices are decided and changed accordingly. During high demand, the price is slightly increased to increase profits while when the demand is less, the brands reduce the prices.

Brand competition 

With the ever-increasing demand, various brands offer Refrigerator devices based on the customer’s needs and wants. Most of these needs and wants revolve around the ability to customize, the storage capacity, the color availability amongst other features. Four major brands have a neck to neck competition in the refrigeration market. These brands are, Samsung, LG, Godrej, and whirlpool. Each of these brands has a unique selling point attached to them. Whirlpool is known for its sturdy design, Samsung is known for its ever-improving technology, LG is known for its sleek design and Godrej is known for its quality. Although the other brands are equally good, Godrej has an upper hand.

Why Godrej?

The reason why Godrej is known to have an upper hand over these other brands is because of its constant innovations. The Godrej refrigerator price in India is a treat to the customers as it offers amazing innovations at cheaper rates. The major innovations that Godrej has brought about are:

  • Cool shower technology: This technology was invented by Godrej to improve on cooling efficiency and keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period.
  • Turbo chill mode: Many times it happens that you need to chill something very soon. To help with this, Godrej came up with the technology of turbo chill mode that allowed cooling at a faster pace than normal modes.
  • JTRT technology: JTRT stands for Just The Right Temperature. This allows for different objects in the refrigerator to be cooled to different temperatures while making it more efficient.
  • Motion sensing LED zones: This allows you to light up only those sections of the refrigerator that you need to access. It saves a lot of electricity and improves energy efficiency.

Godrej Refrigerator pricing in India is justified by all of these innovations that Godrej comes up with. This also means that Godrej has a wide range of products that cater to both the upper class and middle-class family depending on their requirements.

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