Reasons Brands Are Using Social Commerce

By on November 2, 2018

It’s no doubt more brands are investing in social e-commerce more than ever before.  It has never happened that almost all brands were using social media to cement their selling points and boost their sales.  The reasons for the quickly growing popularity of social commerce are obvious. Let’s have a look at the main reasons most businesses have integrated social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to their marketing campaigns.

Increased Follower Growth

Social media has made the world a small village where global interactions don’t require expensive trips. What seemed impossible has been made possible by the introduction of multiple social media platforms.  The most surprising thing is how thousands of members sign up for new social media accounts everyday joining the millions of members who are already using these platforms. Based on studies, social media has proven to be one of the best platforms for increasing business sales and profits. They provide a golden opportunity for businesses to expose their brands to the millions of potential customers.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Your brand cannot be popular and fail to appear top on search engines. Though your rankings on search engines depend on a variety of factors, it’s almost impossible to get top rankings if you don’t have mass followings. One of the best ways to get higher rankings on search engines is to use social media as a way to reach out to potential customers. Social media has millions of ready customers so when you play your cards well, you have the surety of earning their trust and converting them into buying customers. All you need to do is to make sure you create promising and effective social media marketing campaigns and make sure you positively engage your followers on all social media platforms.

Increased Organic Traffic

Over the years, brands have been paying for leads to increase their organic traffic. The birth of social media marketing has not killed the use of paid leads. However, the truth remains that it has become a lesser used option. That’s because the value it adds to your business in terms of organic traffic and followers is not any close the value brands get from using social media to achieve similar results free of charge. Looking at the fact that there are billions of users on different social media platforms, directing your marketing efforts towards these platforms is a sure way for you to earn more organic traffic and followers within the shortest time possible without the need to pay anything. In short, social media offers you an opportunity to reach out to your target audience without needing to pay anything in return. The only thing you must do is to remain consistent and always make sure you respond to your followers positively and intelligently.

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