Pocket spring mattresses – The characteristics

By on October 7, 2021

The pocket spring mattresses are a bit the ancestor of the old grandmother’s mattress,  but with different characteristics and functioning. Let’s see it together. The springs , called bagged springs, bagged or packaged (from pocketed coil, in English), which make up the mattress are made of steel and are individually wrapped in a breathable fabric bag pocket spring mattress.

Each spring is thus protected and isolated, it works silently and autonomously without depending on the others that are close to it.

Precisely for this reason the springs react differently depending on the stresses of the weight, having a differentiated lift according to the areas of the body. In this way it is the mattress that adapts to our body and not vice versa.

Mattresses with independent springs and memory

There is a variant of the classic pocket spring mattress that combines an optional, it combines the springs with another property: memory foam.

We have also seen several of similar models in our guide dedicated to the best memory mattresses.

Pocket Spring Mattress

There are, in fact, some types of independent spring mattresses that have a side consisting of a 2 cm memory foam pad quilted in the fabric.

Why this mix? The variant was designed to increase the softness and comfort of the traditional spring mattress. A synergy that returns truly incomparable ergonomics.

Pocket spring mattresses – The advantages of springs

But what are the advantages of choosing a spring mattress? Certainly different, let’s see what are the most determining factors that lead to choosing this type of mattress.

TRANSPARENT. One of these advantages is certainly the question of hygiene, a factor for which many still choose the traditional solution of springs for their rest.

The model in question is in fact much more breathable than its latex, memory or polyurethane cousins. Being hollow inside, the spring mattress creates a sort of air chamber which ensures better air circulation , thus avoiding stagnation of sweating and therefore bad smells.

COMFORTABLE. The possibility of adapting to the body, supporting it with 7 different carrying capacities, being ergonomic but supported and, last but not least, guaranteeing great ventilation ensures a more natural position for the back during sleep. This makes sleep during the night really restorative, allowing us to sleep comfortably and wake up in the morning in excellent shape.

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