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By on June 21, 2022

What million parcel do

We help small and medium-sized companies with packaging. Packaging is what needs to get more attention, but people do not take it lightly. Packaging is important in the management of the products. People usually do packing cheaply, like with normal labels that easily get damaged. These normal labels are also not durable, eventually damaging normal labels, resulting in a loss to the company. To ensure the best management of the products, you need a very good packaging solution, and this is what we do. Our packing labels are durable, and all our packaging solutions are effective. We are known for sticker labels singapore.

Why do you need packaging labels

When you package your product, a label showcases all the information about that product. Information such as batch, serial number, and product barcodes can be shown by labels. If you do not add a label, then it is difficult to understand the product. Labeling helps in organizing, filtering, and management of your products. If you add a label, then all these 3 main things become possible. Another main reason you should label your product is that it becomes a trusted and quality product. Customers can be able to read the main information through the label.

If you add all the important information to a normal paper chances are it can damage shortly. If the paper gets destroyed, then the whole information gets removed and without the information, the tracking of products in a box gets very difficult. That product also gets wasted because an aware consumer will not buy a product that does not have information like serial number, barcode, and batch number.

sticker labels singapore

Our main benefits of packaging

Various choices

Our packaging labels come in a variety of sizes and shapes that are suitable for different purposes.

Add all your documents to our envelope.

You can add documents, invoices, packaging lists, and shipping information to our packaging envelope. This packaging envelope can easily stick in the box.


Our prices for packing keep in mind affordability and quality.


We also help in marketing through our main ways.

Thank you stickers and sticker label rolls do help in getting the attention of the customer. We customize these stickers in different ways, like shape, size, and color. All these help in getting the attention of the customer. Attention is a very important factor in marketing.

We are the best destination for all your commercial and residential needs. We have all kinds of packing products and solutions. We have a variety of labels, from thermal printers to night glow tapes, and we can fully fulfill each packaging goal.

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