Here’s Why You Should Switch To Silk Pillowcases and Sleep Retreat Now

By on February 15, 2020

Ah – silk pillowcases & sleep retreat in Australia. It sounds utterly ridiculous to most people to think about lying on a silk pillowcase when we are all so used to the regular cotton. But they’re perfect for you, and this is why. Estimates say we spend a third of our lives in bed, so doesn’t it make sense for us to get more out of that period than just our routine focus on beauty? The kind of bedding you chose plays a significant role in the consistency of the sleep, but you may not know that it can also gain from aesthetics. It’s time to update the range of bed linen because there are many great reasons to sleep on silk.

  • Fight Bedhead: If you’re like me when you wake up with wavy, messy hair, it may be down to the fact that the gestures you do in your sleep may literally do a number on your mane. Nevertheless, silk eliminates stress and thus maintains the look and avoids a lot of morning repair work when contrast with regular cotton pillowcases, a silk pillowcase decreases pressure by up to 43 percent, according to researchers. Which means you’ll see less split ends, too. If, after a blowdry, your hairstylist has ever suggested a silk pillowcase, that is the explanation.
  • Help Prevent Aging Signs: Silk is less absorbent than cotton, so you can retain more of your anti-aging beauty products while you’re asleep. Cotton can soak up some of the lotions and liquids, limiting raising how much the skin will absorb. On the other side, silk doesn’t ingest such creams, so they have more time to sink in and operate on your skin with their energy. Just make sure that you massage creams and lotions in the face and neck thoroughly and encourage them to spread to prevent getting too much into the pillowcase. If you can deal with this, it is best to sleep on your back.
  • Reduce Facial Creases: Sure, facial creases go away once you get up and start your day, but you can believe they’re there because while you’re sleeping, the pillowcase pulls on your face. The skin lacks elasticity when you mature and is less able to bounce back. Over practice, you can notice that sleeping on pillowcases made of cotton is pulling enough that you have wrinkles and fine lines that were not before. The question is not as apparent as silk causes less friction. As the skin glides along the silk it also doesn’t leave the creases behind. This is another valid reason to try to lie on your back as well.
  • Hypoallergenic, of course: Unlike many kinds of material, silk is hypoallergenic, which is excellent news if you suffer from allergies that get worse while you lie down. Silk has a natural resistance to the spores of the mites, mold, and fungi, making it easier to breathe when you are unconscious. It paired with a silk pillowcase can improve the quality of your sleep if you are using a humidifier in your bedroom.
  • Less Chemical Exposure: Most things are being manufactured with additives that are not safe for the environment, skin, and hair. Some silk is produced in a healthy environment where the silkworms have no predators. Which reduces the number of chemicals needed to make and process the silk. It ensures that you are raising your carbon footprint by using silk pillowcases, helping to improve the air quality in your apartment, thus preserving your wellbeing.
  • Boosts Body Moisture: Just like cotton pillowcases, they will remove some of the moisture from your body as well as soak up your facial products. If you have dehydrated skin or have trouble keeping it appropriately moisturized, you would surely see a difference when you make the switch to silk pillowcases. Silk will not draw from your skin all that moisture, keeping it hydrated, smooth, and youthful every morning. That can also save you money on expensive moisturizers.
  • Less Costly Choices: Silk can sound like a splurge, but you would be shocked how cheap silk pillowcases can be. They’re sturdy, so they’re going to last a while, which will save you money to replace your pillowcases, but they aren’t as costly as you might imagine you’d start with. If you don’t want to indulge in a whole package of silk sheets, consider buying only a few pillowcases so you can enjoy all the rewards without having to spend more than you’re at home with. Hand washes them, and with other rougher materials, they will last longer than if you chuck them into the laundry and dryer.
  • Luxurious Feeling: If you’re living a third of your life in your home, don’t you want it to be a luxurious retreat? Silk is a luxury cloth, and a great way to pamper yourself as well. Looking at it is stunning and good to the eye. As you lay down at night, nothing beats the soft feeling of silk on your hands. You may notice that, after you make the switch to silk, you’re getting better sleep than ever before. It has been found that silk retains much less heat than cotton, but you guess that it feels like flipping over the pillow to get the cold side? With a silk pillowcase, this is final, no need to turn the pillow!


 Sleeping on coarse fabrics from standard pillowcases of cotton, linen, or polyester may induce facial wrinkles, which can lead to the development of lines and creases in the long run. Such tissues can also strip moisture from the skin and clean the cream for the night, thereby reducing its effect. In the twenty-first century, people suffer from various skin conditions with harsh effects, including early skin aging. In such situations, it becomes vital to use silk pillowcases & sleep retreat in Australia, which, if not get rid of hair and skin problems, can at least minimize them.

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