Everything To Know About The Best Japanese Kitchen Knives

By on March 13, 2022

Japan is known for its wonderful cuts and finishes. The kind of food that they prepare in their country requires exceptional talent. Japanese chefs are all about showing their knife skills in their respective kitchens. This is something the rest of the world is in awe of. There are so many things to learn from Japanese culture and learning the art of using kitchen knives is definitely one of them. For that, it is imperative to know about the best japanese kitchen knives.

Types of Japanese Kitchen Knives

As we are already aware, kitchen knives in Japan are popular for their sushi dishes. Chefs make clean cuts with these knives to offer the best cuts of raw fish. The entire taste of sushi and sashimi depends on the art of their knives. The way they cut their fish to prepare their respective dishes is exceptional. Some of the different types of Japanese knives you need to know about are:

best japanese kitchen knives

  • Gyuto: Also known as the chef’s knife, this Japanese knife has a thinner blade. This is a multi-purpose blade that has hard steel. This knife has been designed in such a manner that it can cut any huge beef pieces. It is also known as a cow sword for its ability to make clean beef cuts. The dimensions of this knife can be from 150mm to 390mm.
  • Bunka: This multi-purpose Japanese knife is very versatile and can be used in any western cuisine. It is quite flexible and wide enough to suitably cut any piece. Its blade has a flat back-side. So, it can make both smaller and longer cuts. It is considered to be one of the best-selling professional chef knives.
  • Naikiri: This is a rectangular blade that has a thin blade. It is meant for cutting vegetables. It can be used at homes easily to cut Japanese vegetables. It can only cut greens. Its length usually ranges from 165mm to 180mm.
  • Usuba: It is quite similar to Naikiri. It is meant for cutting vegetables and has the most classic handle. The tip of this blade is fairly different from other types of blades. It is semicircular in shape. It can be very useful in cutting vegetables.

Buy the best Japanese kitchen knives


While looking forward to buying the best japanese kitchen knives, these are some of the options you can consider. These are professional knives that can be used in restaurants as well as at home. Some of the other Japanese kitchen knives include Petty, Yanagiba, Santoku, Deba, and others. There are online shops where you can buy Japanese kitchen and cooking products. You can find these stores online and use them in your kitchen.

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