Different Types of Promotional Jute Bag

By on December 31, 2020

Business marketing is a multilayered niche. For maximum visibility, there is a need to explore every opportunity. For example, when you use billboards for brand advertisement, you look for spots that are clearly visible to many passers-by for example the crossroads or at the malls. Today, bags are used as giveaways to promote a brand. People buy stuff and need bags to carry them. Due to awareness regarding plastic bags majority of customers opt to have their own bag and participate in the go-green program.

Businesses can choose eco-friendly, reusable, and durable bags for their brand promotion. Jute bags have earned a lot of popularity because they are washable, durable, attractive, economical, and practical. The concern of the environment has made cotton or jute bags a preferred option. Jute is a renewable fiber and biodegradable. It means you can grow them and it will not pollute the environment as it decomposes. Manufacturers have designed them with style and trend in mind.

Types of promotional jute bags

Printed jute bags

A fancy jute bag with customized floral prints is adorable. When you search online for printed jute bags there are multiple options available. Visit Custom Earth and browse through the different prints and sizes. Place an order based on your promotional needs. You can bulk order reusable bags and save significantly.

bulk order reusable bags

Designer jute bags

Designer jute bags are trendy stuff and are in demand. If you desire something extraordinary and unique to use as giveaways at this upcoming choose this option. The new generation will adore the designer jute bags.

Jute sling bags

Sling bags are popular among the young generation. It can help them carry small items like headphones, charger, keys, and wallet before hitting the gym. Sling bags offer youngsters an urban look. You can embellish it with your brand logo using methods like painting, embroidery, printing, or beads.

Jute backpacks 

Backpacks are a necessity for those who desire to carry their laptop, chargers, book, water bottle, a couple of clothes, etc. in their backpack. A backpack is spacious and carries heavy loads without any concern about carrying heavy loads as the weight gets distributed across both shoulders. Jute backpack has antistatic properties and low thermal conductivity making it a perfect traveling companion. The cotton trimmed handles offer a comfortable grip if you desire to carry it in your hand.

Large jute tote 

It is an ideal shopping companion. The tote has a large compartment, a Velcro closure, and two handles. The advertising space is sufficient to print your bold design and artwork. You can even have a small front pocket added. It is a stylish bag, which is suitable for any type of business promotion.

Create an impressive promotional campaign choosing customized jute bags as free giveaways at the upcoming trade show or corporate events. Customers will appreciate the useful giveaway. It will be carried every time they hit the mall or supermarket. Your brand logo gets imprinted not on the minds of the recipient but even many more who come across it every time the bag moves in public.

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