Best Weed Grinder for your cannabis needs

By on January 4, 2022

What is the best grinder that you can get for grinding your weed? Well, isn’t it a little hard to figure out what kind of grinder you need when you have zero knowledge about the different types of grinders and what should be the density of the weed that you like?

For starters, let’s know about all kinds of grinders, how they work, and the quality of weed the ground weed from each one of them.

Types of grinders

There are all kinds of types and varieties when it comes to grinders.

  • Budget grinder – budget grinders are those plastic or sometimes metal grinders that are inexpensive or often free grinders that you find all over the place. The Best weed grinder does not have sharp teeth and has some spikes or nubs that rub against each other, and it leaves you with some chunky grind.
  • Novelty grinders – there are many kinds of designs available in novelty grinders. People buy grinders more for the look of them than the quality of the grinder. For example -it has a Bob Marley grinder, Pokeball, skull, beer bottle tec. It does have nice sharp diamond-shaped blades that come with a Keith catcher, out of which you get a rough grind.
  • Mini grinders are much like the novelty grinder, which can come in various qualities. This is a sharp stone grinder, a fine grinder with really sharp teeth with aircraft aluminum. It’s really small and grinds about a quarter gram. It can be litter hard to turn a smaller grinder as they are little to hold on to.

Best weed grinder

  • Premium grinders – this is a popular grinder out of many grinders in the market. It comes with a silicon grinder; you are supposed to keep the catcher in the bottom so as not to get it to stick to the silicon. These grinders are the clear top ones with intensively sharp blades on the sharp stone that gives you a sharp grind.
  • Electric grinders are a little controversial to some people who don’t understand the need for them. It has a handle with a battery inside of them. There’s a button at the bottom, the grinder on the top, a high-speed grinder. There is a hopper to keep the weed inside and use it by pressing the button.

The best type of grinder depends on your needs. If you need a chunky kind of cannabis, use the budget grind, and if fine-grinded weed, then uses a premium grinder. It is all a matter of choice and what kind of cannabis you prefer the most.

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