Avoid blisters and don’t stop meeting your New Year resolutions

By on February 18, 2020

You might have taken a new year resolution to continue walking/jogging for the entire year. Though you work hard and persevere to stick to your new year resolution to become healthier, you may get stuck due to several factors which are disheartening.

One such common factor is foot blisters. If you get blisters, you cannot go for walking or jogging the next day. This will disturb your schedule and put a break to your consistent hard work.

But you need not to worry as the good part is you can avoid many kinds of blisters. You can avoid foot blisters by taking proper care in advance.

Blisters come if your skin gets rubbing or burning because of your shoes

Choosing the right size of shoes is important. When you get a new pair of shoes, there are high chances that you get foot and toe blisters. Even if you get the correct size, your new shoes may rub your feet on different places than your old ones and so till your feet get adjusted to the new shoes, you may suffer from blisters. In order to avoid this, use your new shoes to walk shorter distances initially. Don’t wear them and go for a long walk. If you do aggressively by overlooking the chances of getting blisters, you will end up taking a break from walking/jogging for a few days to a few weeks till your blisters get healed.

Anti-blister socks for sale

And the best practice is to choose the right socks. In order to avoid blisters, your socks should be able to keep your feet dry. So synthetic socks are to be picked and avoid cotton socks. Cotton socks keep your feet wet and it increases the friction and thus causes a lot of blisters and makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Anti-blister socks for sale are available online and offline. These socks come with padding in the toes and heel areas and gives you comfort and prevent blisters. So you don’t need to take a break from your regular walking or jogging or hiking activities. Just wear them in the morning and go for a jog worry free.

Applying talcum powder will also help you to avoid blisters. It can keep your feet and toes dry

Another way to avoid blisters is to reduce the friction that your feet go through when you walk or jog. Do not hesitate to use lubricants and they work really well. We remember our mothers and  grandmothers applying hair oil on our feet when wearing a new pair of shoes on our first day of school. You can pick petroleum jelly which is available at our home for giving good smooth rubbing to your feet and shoes.

Just follow the above simple tips.That’s it and you can surely achieve your new year resolutions!

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