Guidelines for Creating and Optimizing Your Articles

By on July 18, 2019

Writing SEO articles is both an art and a skill. Every new webmaster feels scared about writing SEO articles but there is no need to get scared as it is a very easy task. It is just following some simple guidelines, which will let you write effective articles or content. But this doesn’t mean that you have to write like a machine, only to please search engines, instead you have to write such a content which will please your audience. You must write the content, keeping in mind the users or visitors’ point of view. Your content should be in such a way that it would please both human visitors and search engines. You should incorporate all the below mentioned SEO rules into articles.

  1. Writing Persuasive headlines: Headlines of the articles play a very crucial role and you must know that you just have 10 seconds to grab the attention of the users and you can do this by giving an effective headline to the article. Your headline is more than ninety percent of the reason for reading the content. So, give the relevant title to the article (according to the content) and your title must be interesting enough to grab the attention of the user. Placing the keywords in the title of the content is a great idea.
  2. Content is the king: As we all know that internet acts as a super highway for the information the people are searching for. The content you write reaches to large number of audience. Therefore, to increase your audience or traffic on your site, you must write such a content which satisfy the readers. You can write the content in multiple paragraphs and can give the separate headings to the paragraphs as it makes it easier for the user to understand and will provide an excellent structure to the whole content. Your content must be well written, no matter, you are writing the content for website, article or blog.
  3. Length of the content: There is no magical number for the length of the content which is liked by search engines. The ideal length of the content can lie anywhere between 400 to 1200 words. It is a great idea to insert the keywords after every 100 to 150 words in your content.
  4. Stay on the topic: You need to keep your content short and should stay on the topic only. In other words, the content should be relevant to the topic. You must focus on the message which you are trying to convey top the readers. If your content is interesting and informational for the user, then the user will stay for longer period on your site and hence the chances for clicking on the area on website which generates the income increases.
  5. Keywords in your content: It is good to make use of keywords in your content, but it must be inserted in the natural way. Besides this, you must not stuff your content with the keywords. This is known as keyword stuffing. It gives an unprofessional look to your content. Therefore, for this you must use relevant keywords in your content and that too at relevant places in the natural way.
  6. Images of your content: All humans are of visual nature. Therefore, having impressive and appealing images related with your content will make your article more attractive and informative. These images will help to grab the attention of the users and the users will read the whole content as well.
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