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Top Signs Of A Bad Real Estate Agent You Should Not Ignore

By on January 17, 2022

When you are buying a new property, selling an old property, or looking for anything on rental, your first concern is about hiring the best real estate agent in the city or county. With so many options in hand, you will obviously need proper guidance that will tell you which agent will be ideal for you. But before you make a decision, you should know that not all real estate agents are trustworthy or reliable.

For this reason, we have highlighted some of the signs you shouldn’t brush off because they will warn you about the reliability of the estate agent. ‘

Delayed Communication With Tons Of Excuses

One of the main signs that you should look out for is the quality of communication. Usually, the Shepherd’s Bush estate agents are responsible enough to communicate with you about everything, be it about the changes in the property’s market price or the consequences you might face later on. But if the chosen agent is delaying any kind of conversation or making lots of excuses and trying to deviate your attention towards something else, you shouldn’t trust such a person.

Becoming Too Much Convincing For Sealing The Deal

The duty of a real estate agent is to tell both the good and bad sides of a property deal so that you can decide whether it will be fruitful for you. However, if your chosen agent is pushing you too much in buying or selling the property and pestering you a lot by speaking only about the good sides of the deal, it’s a clear sign that the person will benefit from it. Therefore, you must immediately take action so that you can have control over the deal and not anyone else.

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Lack Of Knowledge About The Market

It is the responsibility of all Shepherd’s Bush estate agents to have knowledge about the market. Yes, it’s acceptable when a professional can’t ask a question about a property deal outside of the area. But when he/she cannot answer the basic questions related to the real estate market or share wrong information, it’s a clear sign that neither the person is experienced nor has expertise. Dealing with such a person may put you in jeopardy later on, if not now.

Keeping Things To Oneself And Not Including You In Any Discussion

If your chosen estate agent is not including you in every discussion with the opponent party, it means that the person has some hidden agenda. In such situations, the negotiations are always shady and in the end, the deal won’t be in your favour. So, you should always look for an agent who is loyal and won’t play a game of hiding and seek with you, no matter what the conversation is about.


Since now you are aware of behaviours and situations that might lead to a deal in bad faith, it’s up to you whether you want to partner with such a real estate agent or not. Yes, indeed it’s true that without an agent, you might have to put extra effort into either buying or selling a property. But that doesn’t mean you can settle with any estate agent despite multiple warning bells ringing in your head.

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