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Nelson Partners – Experts in the Field of Student Housing and Property Management

By on December 3, 2021

Investing in commercial real estate is lucrative; however, the deals are even more profitable even during economic dips when it comes to student housing. The reason is that colleges and universities will always have a demand for students, and with that, the need for housing surges. Student housing is a great investment, and this is why it is hugely increasing in the USA today.

Nelson Partners is a credible name in the field of student housing in the United States of America. It was established by Patrick Nelson in 2018, who has 14 years of rich experience in the industry. The company is a privately owned one and manages over $400 million in assets with two new offerings close to the University of Northern Colorado and The Western University. Its headquarters is located at San Clemente in California, USA.

The team of experts here says that college and university campuses have the ability to drive profitable rents. Students, both at graduate and undergraduate levels, administrative staff, lecturers, janitors, and other staff of these campuses look for housing accommodation. Students no longer wish to stay in dorms, and they look for affordable properties where they can get a bigger space and study well.

Students are responsible payers

The student housing boom is here to stay, and this is why several businesses and individuals who are looking for commercial real estate investment are keen to invest in it. The avenue is good for generating profits in the long run. Many landlords in the past believed that students were really difficult tenants and they would not pay the rent on time. However, in reality, you will find students are responsible when it comes to paying their rents, and landlords generally have no reason to be afraid of non-payments as they generally have a parent guarantor to back them up.

Student Housing

Generate income for a long time

Moreover, when you have students studying in college or university, they study at the campus for at least 2 to 5 years, so landlords get rent for a long time from them. They hardly change their accommodations, and if they go on to pursue their masters or their doctorate degrees, the duration of their stay becomes even longer. This is good news for landlords as they can rest assured that their units are occupied and will generate income as rent.

This is where Nelson Partners and its team of experts step in to help with property management of these student housing units so that they are comfortable when it comes to eating, cooking, interacting with their friends and family, studying, and enjoying the other extra amenities they pay for generally absent in a dorm. The services provided by the experts of this esteemed company are tailor-made to cater to the specific requirements and needs of their clients. They collaborate with the owners of the property to understand what their end goals are. They add their property management expertise to boost the value of student housing across the USA.

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