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Charlotte Real Estate: 5 Attractive Reasons to Buy a Home in the the Queen City

By on May 23, 2022

In the past ten years, Charlotte, NC has grown by 19.6 percent, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. With all that Charlotte has to offer, purchasing real estate in the city is a wise investment that more people are undertaking.

If you are on the market for a home, choosing a city that has so much to offer is not only a smart financial move but it is a decision that will impact all aspects of your life. Read on to learn the reasons to invest in Charlotte real estate.

Invest in Charlotte Real Estate: Rising Home Values

When you buy a home in Charlotte, you know its value will only keep rising. Currently, the city is a hot housing market. There is more demand for homes than there is supply, which guarantees market prices will increase.

By investing in a home in Charlotte now that rates are still affordable, you will see your property’s value skyrocket in just a few years.

Solar Power Hub

If you are interested in solar power and want to minimize your dependence on non-renewable energy resources, move to Charlotte. North Carolina is second in the nation in solar energy and Charlotte leads the way.

Charlotte residents get tax credits from the government as well as additional savings from solar companies. The cost of solar panels in Charlotte has also dropped and companies offer incentives like 18 months free solar power, letting you turn your monthly energy bill into savings.

Lower Living Costs

Compared to other major metropolitan cities, living in Charlotte is affordable. Housing prices, groceries, transportation, and utilities are all lower than they are in comparable cities. Because of its size, Charlotte also offers everything you find in large cities while still maintaining that small-town charm.

Lower living costs increase the quality of life, as well, allowing people to turn to recreational activities and entertainment.

Booming Job Market

Charlotte’s job market continues to expand. The highest-paid industries are retail trade, finance and insurance, healthcare and social assistance, hospitality, and management, with people flocking to the city to take advantage of job opportunities.

Because of its job market, it is a destination for Millennials. The city’s population has a median age of 34, which is well below the national average.

Low Property Taxes

Although North Carolina’s property taxes are a bit higher than South Carolina’s, they are still low enough to make it an incentive. The average is  0.77 percent, while the national average is 1.07 percent.

Move to Charlotte for a Better Life

Investing in Charlotte real estate can open the door to new job opportunities, energy savings, and a better quality of life. With more people choosing this city, you can expect the housing market to get even hotter. Invest now.

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