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By on February 14, 2022

Commercial video production is a high-end video that advertises companies offering an advertisement promoting that company’s product services and brand promise and these videos are often broadcast on TV or used in specific advertising slots distributed to a much larger audience.

Many other commercial video production services are operating for more than a decadeSo, the main brand objective is awareness and to build trust for the audience so they feel compelled to get in touch and see what that business has to offer.

The truth about the video production industry

commercial video production services

If you get in front of the client and your main selling points are price, image, quality, and experience then you got it all wrong, and here is how you can change that. Let’s just be real, straight-up cameramen are dying and there is a reason why high-end cameramen get paid 50000, 60000, or maybe 70000 dollars and the directors are taking home millions. There is a little small print in the differences between the two that you should know about. Being able to properly expose a picture, being able to go there and just light it, being able to film it is no longer the commodity. It is no longer the important part of what you need to do. As a matter of people prefer shooting commercial videos at the home gathering than ringing up on the commercial video production services.

It is something that an iPhone can do without even trying. So, that skill set alone is not going to bring you money and if that’s is your selling point then you might not make it. That is because the camera phones are getting better and a lot faster than DSLRs.

Things you need to do

Often you are mad because you have this great image quality and clients do not want to pay for it. In your mind, you are providing great quality for a price and in their mind, that is not much different from another camera phone. You need to stop being a cameraman and start offering solutions to problems that your client has. Times have changed where you are not only just a guy behind the camera but you are the agency, you are the film crew and you are the marketing company and you need to go into creating content with that in mind.

Do not offer your clients commercial video production services instead offer them a video production solution. Offer them a photography solution. Stepping into a client’s office and trying t get an understanding of their target audience and what works for their target audience makes you seem a whole lot smarter than a camera guy.

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