The benefits and drawbacks of a raw food diet for dogs

By on November 10, 2022

‘Given the vast amount of data in the zoo world on feeding carnivore’s raw food, I’m extremely shocked we need to persuade the veterinary profession in the first place,’ said one famous zoo vet recently at a raw feeding conference. Because there has been little direct study on the safety and advantages of this diet, the veterinary profession remains skeptical. However, the 79 veterinarians from around the world who participated in a snapshot study on raw feeding last year all responded favorably on its safety and advantages. How to find about raw dog food Nassau county is a big question?

Obtaining raw food

You must ensure that the raw food you select is suitable for your dog. Vets and owners in the UK may readily acquire comprehensive and balanced ready-prepared frozen raw food meals that are designed to the same European standards as the other pet foods available in shops and veterinary clinics.

Defra-registered farmers should provide high-quality prepared raw foods. These meals are subject to stricter bacteriological regulations than even human-grade raw meat products, and they are delivered in clean, simply comprehensible packaging.

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The problem with bones

Because they have the potential to harm the mouth and digestive system, bones is a hot topic in the raw food discussion. However, there is no evidence that they are hazardous, and vets’ negative experiences are mainly related to cooked bones. Raw bones aid to clean teeth while also providing fiber, nutrition, and amusement. If a dog is unable to tolerate full bones, most prepared raw diets contain 2 to 4% pulverized bone.

Correctly prepared raw food, in my opinion, is comprehensive and balanced, strictly managed, safe to feed, and convenient, with no ‘gore-factor.’ However, the most essential factor is nutrition quality. If you decide that raw feeding is not for you, you can continue to give commercial dog food.

The proper balance

It is doubtful that a raw food diet will be comprehensive and balanced. A homemade diet can be tough to get right unless the dog owner is an expert in animal nutrition – a dog requires 37 key minerals to keep healthy, and balancing the exact proportions of zinc and iron, for example, is challenging.

Buying pre-prepared raw meals is also no guarantee of nutritional balance. Natures Menu is the only UK raw food provider currently registered with the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, and as such, must adhere to EU nutritional profiles.

Bacterial infections are another danger. Bacteria may be found in raw human food as well, but the difference is that we heat it. Although some dogs can safely consume a tiny quantity of salmonella, canines that eat raw food are more likely to shed pathogenic (‘bad’) germs in their feces. And, while conscientious dog owners will pick up their dog’s poop, it is impossible to eliminate every trace.

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