Dietary supplements for dogs: when they make sense

By on July 15, 2022

Dog owners want to do something good for their pets with food supplements.  You should be careful with food supplements for dogs. You may be risking a dangerous overdose if you thoughtlessly add it to dog food. Many dog ​​owners believe that the nutrients in conventional dog food would not be sufficient to provide the dog with a complete supply and therefore choose dietary supplements. But this assumption is wrong. As a rule, complete food contains everything the dog needs.

In certain cases, however, it can make sense to choose feed additives. If your dog is physically fit, healthy, relatively young and gets high-quality complete food, it does not need any dietary supplements.

Only dogs that are nutrient deficient should be provided with dog multivitamin supplements. Only the veterinarian can confirm a deficiency with certainty, so never make a self-diagnosis! If you notice symptoms of a nutrient deficiency in your dog, you must clarify them with a veterinarian and seek advice on how to proceed.

With these deficiencies, the following symptoms appear:

IRON DEFICIENCY: An iron deficiency in dogs is noticeable through persistent tiredness and reduced performance. In addition, the mucous membranes and gums lose colour.

MINERAL DEFICIENCY: If the dog has a mineral deficiency, this is usually noticeable through nervousness, a weak coat, listless behaviour and the breakdown of bones.

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VITAMIN DEFICIENCY: Depending on which vitamin is missing, there are different symptoms in the dog. The most common symptoms include disorders of neurological functions, weakened muscles and vision, seizures, unhealthy skin, and anaemia.

There are several reasons why a dog may be suffering from a deficiency. The most common include:

  • chronic illness
  • enormous physical strain
  • exceptionally high stress
  • Raw feeding (BARF)
  • pregnancy of the dog,

In these cases, the administration of dietary supplements for the dog can be useful. However, you urgently need to discuss this with your veterinarian and work with them to establish a strict dosing schedule. You must adhere to these precisely in order not to risk dangerous oversupply.

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