10 Ways To Keep Your Horse Comfortable On The Field

By on December 16, 2020

The horse has been a man’s trustworthy companion for ages now. Hence, you should always make sure that your horse is happy and comfortable. They should feel at home around you.

Times, when the horse is in the field, are the times that must worry you about your horse’s solace since they face severe hot and severe cold respectively according to the season. You must understand that it can be somewhat unbearable for the horse too as it can be a discomforting scenario for anyone.

10 Ways to Keep Your Horse Comfortable on the Field

Following are 10 primary areas for you to focus to keep your horse comfortable on the field:-

  1. Hydrate Your Horse with Warm Water – Water is a very basic commodity and as essential for a horse as much as for you. Make sure that your horse gets clean, warm, and fresh water to drink in winters. Also, there must be enough water since it is necessary for the process of digestion in horses.
  1. Provide Clean Horse Rugs – Since the winter season has started, you must invest in good quality rugs. As much as you feel the need to cover your body to feel cozy, so does your horse. Horse rugs are available in different sizes and of different thicknesses. It can be chosen as per the degree of cold in your city. Make sure you clean them in intervals to keep away infections.
  1. Stick to Routines – Horses dislike irregularities or rapid changes in routines. They are happier to stick to their daily regime.
  1. Stock Up Hay – Provide extra hay to your horse in winters since hay stored in the body provides internal heat and keeps itself from catching a cold. Sufficient calories keep them going in winters.
  1. Provide Salt – Ample salt intake is recommended for horses especially during winters. Mineral supply comes from salt and helps horses in better digestion.
  1. Regular Exercise – Horses need active movement whether the weather is favorable or not. It helps in blood circulation.
  1. Visit a Veterinary – Get your horse checked by the doctor from time to time. And don’t forget to get their teeth checked regularly so that you know they’re eating comfortably.
  1. Proper Ventilation – Unlike human-beings, horses don’t prefer to get locked in their shelters to avoid the cold outside. They prefer to move in and out and have well-ventilated stables.
  1. Blanket for Winters – Only if your horse has aged with a disease, it might require blankets at night but healthy horses of any age are good with horse rug
  1. Exhausted Horse – You must stop over-exercising and decrease practice hours if you find your horse inactive or withdrawn. Consult a horse expert in such cases.

A happy and delighted horse will feel homely on the field too. Your horse is your responsibility by all means. You must make the environment better for your horse and to prepare it for the field hours.


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