Lorelei Hutch: Biography, Age, Career, Relationship & Net Worth

Lorelei Hutch is recognized as the wife of the famous Hollywood actor Jesse Hutch from Canada. She gained recognition as an essential figure in the entertainment industry due to her connection with him.

She is famous because of her husband, Jesse Hutch, a well-known and talented actor in Hollywood. He’s earned much praise for his fantastic acting skills and performances. People admire how versatile he is and how much effort he puts into his work.


Lorelei Hutch is known as the wife of the famous and talented American actor Jesse Hutch, who is from Canada. He’s been praised a lot for how well he acts and performs. People really like how he can play different roles and how hard he works at his job. We don’t know Lorelei’s exact birthday, age, or place of birth, and we’re still determining her zodiac sign.

There is little information about her family, like her parents or siblings. We also need to find out about her education. After getting married, she started using the last name Hutch, but her original full name before marriage has yet to be discovered.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Lorelei Hutch
  • Country: USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Celebrity wife
  • Relationship Status: married
  • Married Date: May 25, 2009
  • Husband: Jesse Hutch
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Kids: Three


Lorelei Hutch’s age remains unknown, or where she was born. Her zodiac sign is also unknown. She was famous because of her husband, Jesse Hutch, a well-known American actor.

Lorelei Hutch
Image Source: @loreilihutch via Instagram


Lorelei Hutch is widely known as the wife of actor Jesse Hutch, but there needs to be more information about her professional aim.

Jesse Hutch is a famous actor in both film and television, originally from Canada. He’s also involved in stunt work and directing, dividing his time between the USA and Canada.

In his career, Jesse appeared in various TV shows and movies. He mainly played Jimmy Riley on the TV series American Dreams and had a significant role in the Sci-Fi Channel movie Termination Point.

Jesse’s multiple careers include being a whitewater raft guide before becoming an actor. He started with more minor roles in shows like Dark Angel and Smallville before landing lead roles in the series About a Girl.

Additionally, he made a guest appearance on the CW drama Hellcats in 2010. Lorelei Jesse Hutch and their kids recreated their wedding photo shoot at the exact location.


Lorelei Hutch is married to Jesse Hutch, and the couple exchanged a bond on May 25, 2009. They will celebrate their 12th anniversary in May 2021. They have a daughter and two sons. However, she hasn’t disclosed their names or any further details about them.

Net Worth 

Lorelei Hutch’s net worth and earnings are still being estimated; her husband is estimated to have a net worth of around $47 million US dollars.


In conclusion, Lorelei Hutch is mysterious since we know little about her personal or work life. Most people recognize her as Jesse Hutch’s wife, but she stays out of the spotlight. Even though we don’t have many details, it’s clear she’s vital as a partner and mom in their family’s life.

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