Steroid Cycles: What You Need To Know

By on October 15, 2017

Beginners in bodybuilding or even the most experienced ones would want to know the best steroid cycle to achieve lean muscle mass, how to cut on body fat while achieving bulk and strength. All of these depends on each individual, on his or her fitness goals as well as the kind of steroid being used.

            Before you start on any steroid cycle, it is best to know what steroid cycles are. You should also know its mechanism of action in order for you to achieve your goals. Your current health status should also be considered as well as your diet. If you are new to bodybuilding, it is recommended to have at least 3 years of experience in naturally gaining muscle mass before you start using steroids or its alternatives.

What is a Steroid Cycle?

            A steroid cycle is the length of time that you are using a steroid(s). The usual cycle can last for a month to five months depending on your goals. The “On-cycle” is the time that you are using the steroid and the “Off-Cycle” is when you are not taking any steroid. During your “On-Cycle”, there are different ways in taking the steroid. Some will stack or combine it with another steroid or a non-steroidal product such as peptide hormones for better results and lessen the side effects.

Steroid Dosage in a Cycle

            There is no specific dosage in a steroid cycle since every steroid is different. Some are taken daily or weekly which will also differ between men and women. If you are not sure and if you are new to this, it is best to start at a recommended dosage in treating medical conditions which are lower, then after awhile, you can start to work your way up and increase your dosage gradually.

Four Types of Steroid Cycles

            Every steroid cycle will depend on your goal. You may want to increase your muscle mass, or maybe you would want to lose weight, or for some may want to do both. Understanding your goals and the cycles that you would want to try is essential for you to know the steroids that you are going to use.

  • Bulking Cycles. This is commonly known as the “beginner’s cycle” since it is shorter which usually lasts four to six weeks. This is the first step for a beginner before moving to another cycle. Bulking cycles will usually have testosterone, Dianabol, Anadrol or trenbolone steroids.
  • Cutting Cycles. This cycle is usually completed a proper diet to maintain the gains achieved during the bulking cycle. Some steroids can also be used like Anavar, Winstrol and Deca Durabolin after the diet ends. This cycle is used by people who want to burn fat and achieve better muscle definition. Usually, the muscles achieved in Cutting cycles are better compared to the ones achieved in the Bulking cycle.
  • Weight Loss Cycles. This is usually the longest among the four cycles which may last from 16 to 20 weeks which is for experienced users only.
  • Lean Bulking Cycles. The lean bulking cycle is for people who want to gain muscle for speed. Winstrol is the best steroid for this cycle which can be used for 6 to eight weeks.

If you are just starting up with steroid use, it is best to follow the cycle pattern to achieve better and longer lasting results. Remember not to overuse or abuse these drugs. You can check bodybuilding websites or steroid websites for guidance.


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